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22nd Birthday Ideas

22nd Birthday Ideas

Wondering what some of the Best 22nd birthday ideas (What to Do for Your 22nd birthday) are? Well, you have come to the right place.

From hiring a party bus, having a 70s themed birthday party, to backpacking with your loved ones, we’ve discussed the best ways to spend your big day.

Go Out for Brunch

Face it: brunch is just an excuse to have lavish meals during the day. There are probably some great cafes offering brunch near you.

Taking your loved ones out to these cafes would be nice. It would be a fun, light occasion. Turning 22 is not as significant of a milestone like turning 21, so you don’t have to do anything too crazy.

Of course, check the cafes and restaurants near you carefully. You don’t want to spend your birthday in a restaurant that serves less than great food, do you?

Go-Wine Tasting

You could go wine tasting with your loved ones.

Vineyards are usually the only establishments that offer wine-tastings. The drive to them is usually very scenic, which is an added plus.

If you don’t want to go out for some wine-tasting, that’s alright. Many online shops put together wine tasting kits.  You can order one of them and sit back and have a good time at home.

Visit a Brewery

Not a big wine fan? That’s okay. You could visit a brewery for some beer tasting instead. Most breweries offer meals that pair well together with their beers.

Unlike wineries, breweries are much more common. Do your research, so you don’t visit one that isn’t that great. Some of them can be more expensive than others too.

Also, breweries are enormous. You could use the venue for a private party. The location would be ideal. After all, how often do people have birthday bashes in breweries?

Go Hiking

You might be an avid fitness fan. Spending your birthday exploring hiking trails could be a good idea. Once you’ve reached the end destination, you could have a picnic.

Hiking means that you’ll be passing through some incredible scenery, which is a plus.

If you want, you could bring some camping gear and make it a 2–3-day camping trip. You could do some fishing and toast marshmallows around the campfire.

To make things extra special, look for a trail you’ve never been on before.

Go to a Spa

Treat yourself to getting older. You probably finished college recently and just started work. You deserve some R&R. What better way to destress than a spa day? You could take some close friends with you and have an excellent time.

Instead of going to a spa, you could bring a resort to you. All you need are some essential oils, candles, bath bombs, and soothing music.

Host a Movie Marathon

Something as lowkey as a spa night or having a private wine-tasting would be a movie marathon with friends.

Sometimes, sitting back and watching your favorite movies in comfortable clothes with the people you love is all you need.

Make the night more entertaining by playing board games. Everyone loves Jenga!

Have A Bake-Off

Most people love good food. Celebrating your 22nd birthday is not as significant as a 21st or 18th birthday, so you don’t have to do anything too adventurous. A quiet night baking with friends and family members would work fine.

You could make the baking into a competition, with the winner getting a prize.

Do Arts and Crafts

Possibly the most lowkey way to spend your birthday would be to do something creative with loved ones. Working on a project together can be exciting, so it would be a bonding experience.

You don’t have to craft or design at home. There may be a local pottery shop or art centre offering classes that you could book.

Go to an Amusement Park

Turning 22 can seem scary. You’re becoming more and more of an adult. Treat the kid in you by visiting an amusement park. It’s an unconventional way to spend your 22nd birthday, but you’ll love it.

Why don’t you visit the ultimate amusement park: Disney Land? You’ll especially enjoy it if you love all things Disney. The food at Disney land is a reason to visit too.

Is your birthday during the fall? There would be a lot of fairs near you. You could easily find one with some great rides.

Have a Home Birthday Party

Instead of all the above suggestions, you could go the more traditional route and have a birthday party at home. Make things more exciting and plan a themed party.

A 70s themed birthday party can be very fun. If your birthday is during the fall, why not have an early Halloween-themed monster bash?

Hire a Party Bus

Not a fan of our quainter ways to spend your birthday? You could go all out and hire a party bus. Yes, they can be expensive. That’s why it would be ideal if the people who will be parting with you help split the bill.

You would spend the night dancing, singing, and having fun on the bus. It will be a night to remember.

Also, have the bus take a route you’re especially fond of. Maybe there is a scenic road where you live?

Go Clubbing

You’re young. Going clubbing would be a great way to celebrate your big day. There probably are many clubs near you, so finding one with great alcohol wouldn’t be hard.  Also, most nightclubs let ladies enter for free.

If you have the cash to spend, you could rent out the VIP section of the club.

Rent a Hotel Room

Do you want to party but are looking for something not as crazy as going to a club or renting a party bus? Get some champagne and book a hotel room. For the best experience, decorate the room with balloons and party decorations.

Anyone would enjoy staying in a fancy hotel too. You could visit their spa if they have one.

Here’s a plus:

If you tell the hotel it’s your birthday, they might gift you some goodies.

Go On a Trip

You might enjoy going on a trip with friends and family. The trip could be anywhere you want – you could drive to a beach town that’s a couple of hours away and spend all day sightseeing, relaxing at the beach and trying new places to eat.

Of course, you could fly somewhere exotic with friends as well. You’ve probably just spent four years in college, so going out and seeing the world would be lovely. To save cash, you should be careful about the hotels you stay in.

If money is not an issue, you could rent a private charter. How many people can say they spent their birthday on a private jet?

Backpack Around the World

You could celebrate your big day backpacking yourself. Where you go and what you do is entirely up to you. You don’t need much money, as you could stay in hostels, eat street food and use public transport.

Choose the location you visit carefully, as some countries and towns are safer to backpack in than others. Also, doing your research is important, as you would have a more memorable experience in some regions compared to others.

Final Thoughts

Turning 22 might feel overwhelming, as you’re officially an adult now. However, celebrating a 22nd birthday is not as big as a 21st or 18th birthday. You could spend your big day with a more relaxed celebration at home. Depending on the type of person you are, you might enjoy the following:

  • Crafting with friends
  • Visiting a brewery
  • Going to a vineyard
  • Hosting a movie marathon
  • Having a bake-off

A more adventurous way to spend your big day would be backpacking or hiring a party bus. It’s all up to you!