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ALEKS Cheating

ALEKS Cheating

If your school is using ALEKS, it is only normal to be curious whether you can cheat on the exams. Is this even possible and, if so, how would you go about doing this?

You will discover all about ALEKS and cheating associated with this program here:

Can You Cheat on ALEKS Tests?

It is technically possible to cheat on ALEKS tests but this does depend on the type of proctoring software that is being used for your exam – the Lockdown Browser can be easier to beat than the Respondus Monitor software – a combination of the two can be difficult to beat.

Does ALEKS Detect Cheating?

Yes, ALEKS does use proctoring software that allows the tool to determine whether or not you are cheating.

ALEKS has two tools in its arsenal. The first is Lockdown Browser. In this instance, you are only allowed to use one browser and tab on your laptop. The rest of the browsers, software, and applications will be locked on your computer.

You are also not allowed to open any additional tabs apart from the one that you are using on your exam. If you attempt to open any other applications, the Lockdown Browser software will make a note of it and report this behavior to your professors.

The other tool that ALEKS can use is Respondus Monitor. Here, the software uses your webcam and your microphone to detect cheating.

The software will be monitoring your head movements, gaze, and even if there are any head or face coverings on you. At the same time, the software will be looking out for other people in the room.

The microphone will be picking up ambient sounds. This includes your voice as well as any other voices that are in the vicinity.

In some instances, ALEKS or your school may choose to combine both Lockdown Browser and Respondus Monitor for your exam.

How Do You Cheat on ALEKS Tests with Lockdown Browser?

If your school has only employed a Lockdown Browser and you are taking the test at home, then you do have a few options available to you.

Since no one is recording you, you can use your smartphone to google answers. Another low-tech way is to keep your textbook by your side and use it to find your answers.

You can even have somebody next to you to help you out with the exam. As long as you don’t use the laptop that you are taking the test on to go to any other pages or applications, you will not get caught.

How Do You Cheat on ALEKS Tests with Respondus Monitor?

In this case, cheating can be a lot trickier. If you look away from your screen for too long, if you appear to be checking your phone, or if there is anyone else in the room with you, you will be flagged by the software.

It is possible for you to use other applications on your laptop, however. For instance, it may be possible for you to even use a search engine to check your answers as long as you use another profile apart from the student one for your school.

You can also project the answers using a wall projector or a TV screen. This will allow someone else to check the answers for you. Make sure not to make any noises as this will be picked up by the microphone.

You may be able to use your smartphone but remember if there are any obvious movements or it appears that you are checking your phone, you will be flagged.

Can You Cheat If ALEKS is Using Lockdown Browser and Respondus Monitor?

It is very difficult to cheat if ALEKS is using both proctoring software. This is because your machine is locked and you are being monitored very closely.

It may be possible for you to still project your screen onto the wall or a TV. This depends on the exact settings that your professor has chosen, though. If they have made it difficult for you to connect hardware as well, then you may not be able to do this.

Depending on the exact settings that have been enabled, your computer may also be tracking your keyboard movements. This means if your keyboard isn’t being used for a certain period of time or keystrokes look odd, these may be detected.

This could be grounds for cheating, depending on your professor’s definition.

Bear in mind, that the chance of you getting caught if both of these software are used is rather high. Therefore, only you can determine if this is worth the risk or not.

Can You Take the ALEKS Exams without Proctoring Software?

This depends on the guidelines set by your own institution. While ALEKS partners with Lockdown Browser and Respondus, ALEKS doesn’t provide this software for you.

Rather, your school needs to pay for this software and then give you access to the software. It is only then that ALEKS will be able to proctor your online exam.

It is possible if that your school doesn’t want the proctoring software ALEKS may not enforce its use. However, this is likely to be decided on a case-by-case instance.

Is It Possible to Cheat on ALEKS Exams?

You may be able to cheat on ALEKS exams but this all depends on the kind of software that your school is using for your exam – if they are using a combination of both Lockdown Browser and Respondus Monitor, it can be a lot harder for you to cheat.