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Best Rain Boots For College

What are the best rain boots for college? Rain boots for college don’t have to be super durable. All you’d need is something that would let you move across campus when it pours.

rainboots for college

If you take a look at the options on the market, you might be intimidated. We not only discussed everything to look for in the best rainboots, but we reviewed the ones most worth your time. Sound good?

What Is the Most Comfortable Rainboot?

To find out what the comfortable option is, we had to go through dozens of rainboots. The best ones are all comfortable. However, the TIDEWE Rubber Neoprene feels especially great. You’d be able to have it on for hours – its interior was made from 15-way stretch nylon and flex-foam.

You’d be able to wear it for long as its insides are wide too; your feet won’t feel constricted. What’s also great is that you can purchase it in a variety of sizes.

Want to learn more about it? It’s one of our top contenders in the review that is on the latter part of the article.

Are Rainboots in Style?

Here’s the deal – no matter how stylish a rainboot is, people would still be able to tell that it’s not a regular shoe. Wearing one when it’s not raining would make your classmates think you got the weather forecast wrong.

You won’t be able to wear most rainboots all day; they’re made from thick rubber. Wearing one to classes would leave you sore.

5 of The Best Rainboots

We reviewed 5 options anyone would love. They’re the best of the best.

1. CLC Custom Leathercraft PVC R230

The R230 provides sneaker-like comfort – it’d be ideal for all-day wear.

You can get the rainboot in numerous sizes. It is available in size 7, 8, 10, 11 and 13. The shoe would cover a lot of skin; it’d stretch well above where socks are.

You don’t have to worry about slipping. The R230 has cleated soles that provide ample traction.

A common issue people have with rainboots is how tight they can be on the calves. This won’t be a problem with this entry. There is a scalloped top-line design that lets your calf breathe.

What’s great is the boot is very durable. You’re looking at an option that’s made from quality PVC.

Let’s talk about the design side of things. The company’s logo is on its front. This doesn’t look that great. However, you can purchase some Leathercrafts without them.

Depending on the size of your feet, how much the rainboots would cost would differ. They’d run you a bill between $22 – 27 USD.

2. TIDEWE Rubber Neoprene

Maybe you don’t need a rainboot to just wear on campus. Maybe you have plans of going hiking or hunting during the weekends? The TIDEWE Rubber Neoprene has your back. It’s super hardcore and looks good.

The Neoprene is insulative. This not only means that you’d be warm when it’s pouring, but your feet would be cool if it’s very warm outside. TIDEWE says that up to 90% of your body’s heat won’t be allowed to escape.

The rainboot is lightweight, and it’ll be comfortable to wear all day. Its interior was made from 15-way stretch nylon along with flex-foam.

As it was made for the harshest environments, its outsole has some serious non-slip.

Considering how great the entry is, you might be wondering why we didn’t rank it on the top of our list. As a college student, you’re on a budget. The Neoprene rainboot costs almost $100.

What sizes can you get it in? 11-14.

3. Dunlop Chesapeake 8677507

Are you looking for something that is super light? The Chesapeake has you covered. Dunlop says that it’s 25% lighter than regular PVC counterparts.

Feeling patriotic? It is made in the US. Products made in the United States are generally good in quality. The fact that the Chesapeake is not that expensive, yet you’d be getting good quality, is a plus.

When you have to rush to classes, you don’t have to worry about the shoe being hard to remove. There is a pull off tab to use.

It is 100% waterproof. There are channels across its surface to keep water at bay.

The Chesapeake would provide decent traction. Unfortunately, it won’t be the most comfortable to wear all day. Don’t expect insulation either.

What sizes can you get it in? 3-15 would be available. The company produces options for both men and women.

4. Nat’s 1540 Durable Rain Boots

Just like the entry above, you’re looking at a super durable option. What’s unique about the 1540 is its color. It’s a deep green that would stand out.

Is your main goal to get a boot that is light? Look no further. The Nat’s 1540 comes in at 0.6 pounds. Not only is it light, but it can withstand all kinds of substances too. It was made from EVA, which won’t ever crack. This makes the 1540 very popular among farmers.

The EVA means that it would be very flexible. The outsole of the shoe also provides excellent grip. And if you want, you can remove it.

Its insides are wide – your feet won’t be sore when on them all day.

Unfortunately, you’re not looking at a well-insulated option.

You would have seen the 1540 higher on our list, but it’s pricey and doesn’t come with insulation. If it’s any consolation, you can buy it in a range of sizes. They are; 7 wide to 14 wide.

5. Croc’s Men’s All Cast Rain Boot

The rainboot is made from 100% synthetic material. Croc advertises that it’s superbly water resistant, and they’re not wrong. There are no seams or leaks that allow liquids in.

Do you need a rainboot for the whole day? The Croc’s All-cast has your back. It was lined with the company’s iconic Crocs Comfort. The icing on the cake is the fact that the All-Cast is light-weight too.

If you want to wear the shoe with an outfit, you’d be able to. It looks very shoe-like. The all-black exterior and size helps with this.


How much water will you be walking through? Remember that the rainboot is very shoe-like. It’s half-calf, so you won’t be able to walk through shallow bodies of water. For just walking across campus on a rainy day, it’d be fine, though.

The sizes you can pick it up in are between 7 to 13.

What Should You Look for in Rainboots?

There are several features you’d find in the best choices. Considering the entries on our list, you might have already figured what these features would be.


You won’t be able to wear most rainboots for hours. They are made out of tough rubber, so the best options would be flexible enough to not leave you sore. The TIDEWE Rubber Neoprene has a very comfortable interior and is wide; your feet would be able to breathe.


You’d be running across campus, not fishing or hiking. Go with something that is more stylish. The Croc All Cast is one of the most non-rainboot like choices on the market.


You’re purchasing the shoes so that your feet won’t get wet. They need to be 100% water resistant. There should be no seams or holes for liquids to get inside. To ensure you purchase something that won’t be a waste of money, go through reviews.

Not only should the shoes not let water inside, but they should be waterproof as well. When walking to class, the water from them would get everywhere otherwise.


Unfortunately, only one of the entries in our review came with insulation. When it rains hard, it’d likely be cold outside. A rainboot with insulation would keep you warm.

Many people wear the boots while fishing. The waters in lakes can be icy cold.


Whether you’re spending a lot or a little on something, you’d want it to last a while. If the shoes are made from quality PVC or rubber, they would be able to handle beatings. The Neoprene we talked about earlier was made from EVA – it would especially be hard to crack.


Being a student, you don’t have that much cash. The boots aren’t something you’ll be wearing all the time. You probably wouldn’t want to spend a lot on them. The best choices for you would be affordable yet get the job done.

When it comes to choosing rainboots to bring, you’d be met with a plethora of choices. The best would be the CLC Custom Leathercrafts. It’s not that expensive yet packs a punch.

If you’re thinking of wearing the shoes when it’s not raining, this won’t be smart. People would think that you got the weather forecast wrong. Most rainboots are uncomfortable to have on for all days too. Plus, your feet would sweat, as they’re made from rubber. In our article, not only did we discuss great options, but we also talked about everything to look for in the shoes. What do you think?