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Blinkist vs Headway – Comparison of Two Books Summary Apps

If you’re a busy bookworm who has a never-ending reading list but can’t seem to find the time to get through all those books, then book summary apps may be the answer to your prayers.

blinkist vs headway

Two popular options in this space are Blinkist and Headway, both of which offer concise summaries of the best books out there.

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Headway and Blinkist are both popular book summary apps that aim to provide readers with concise summaries of nonfiction books.

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Blinkist vs Headway App – Comparison Table

Feature Blinkist Headway App
Number of Titles Over 6,500 Over 1,500
Duration of Summaries 15 minutes Typically around 15 minutes
Offline Access Yes Yes
Expert Curation Yes Not specified
Genres Multiple genres including self-help, business, psychology, science Multiple genres, predominantly non-fiction
User Interface Intuitive User-friendly
Audio Summaries Yes Yes
Price Subscription-based Subscription-based
Free Trial Yes Yes
Original Content Yes (Blinkist Originals) Not specified
Interactive Features Varies Varies
Reading Mode Yes Yes
Listening Mode Yes Yes
Global Availability Yes Yes
Supported Devices iOS, Android, Web iOS, Android

While Blinkist offers a subscription-based model with a monthly plan, Headway takes a different approach by allowing users to browse and summarize books without any additional cost.

With a Blinkist subscription, users have unlimited access to popular book summaries, which can be a great option for avid readers who want to consume information quickly.

On the other hand, Headway users can enjoy the flexibility of summarizing any book in their library without the need for a subscription.

This can be beneficial for those who may only be interested in specific books or prefer to summarize them at their own pace.

Despite their differences, both apps offer a valuable service in the form of providing book summaries, allowing users to grasp the main ideas and concepts without investing significant time in reading the entire book.

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Blinkist Overview

Dive head-first into the world of non-fiction with Blinkist!

This app is your fast-track ticket to over 4,500 best-selling non-fiction books across genres like self-improvement, business, and psychology. In just a quarter-hour, you can absorb the core ideas of an entire book, be it through text or audio, tailored to your reading or listening style.

Whether on a smartphone, tablet, or computer, immerse yourself in wisdom on the move.

What makes Blinkist stand out?

Summaries are curated by experts who excel in extracting the gold from every book, moulding it into bite-sized, digestible chunks. Beyond the summaries, the app spoils you with features like customized reading suggestions, and the nifty ability to highlight and stash away pivotal thoughts.

In essence, Blinkist is your pocket-sized powerhouse, designed for those hungry to broaden their intellect, amplify business prowess, or simply journey into novel territories of knowledge.

Blinkist Pros

  • Quick Insights: Dubbed “blinks”, these sharp summaries slice through the fluff, presenting only the essence.
  • Listen On-the-Go: Can’t read? No worries! Engage with audio versions while you jog, drive, or sip coffee.
  • Diverse Library: Traverse a galaxy of topics from self-help and psychology to business and science.
  • User-Friendly: A clean, intuitive interface ensures you spend time learning, not fumbling.

In a nutshell, if time’s at a premium, but knowledge is a priority, Blinkist is your go-to.

Blinkist Cons

  • Depth Dive?: While Blinkist is crisp, it might skim over deeper insights some readers yearn for.
  • Pay to Play: Full access demands a subscription. Though there’s a free version, the complete array of summaries will cost you.
  • All About Text: Despite its audio offerings, Blinkist’s primary mode remains written, which might not resonate with those leaning towards pure auditory learning.

Headway App Overview

Unveiling Headway: a game-changer in the world of mobile learning. Designed for the curious, it’s your passport to acquiring new skills, from business acumen to personal growth and mastering languages.

What’s the secret sauce? Courses crafted by field gurus, ensuring you get nothing but the crème de la crème of content.

Dive in at your leisure, pace yourself, and challenge your grasp with quizzes. Celebrate your milestones with certificates, and let’s not forget the cherry on top: microlearning.

Yes, bite-sized wisdom nuggets fit for your tight schedule. But there’s more! Get tailor-made course suggestions aligned with your passion and prowess. Need a tribe? Join the Headway community, exchange thoughts, seek answers, and flaunt your progress. In a nutshell? Headway isn’t just another app; it’s your learning sanctuary.

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Pros of the Headway App

Looking to master a language? Headway is your ally. With a rich tapestry of language courses, tailor your learning to your dreams and desires.

Interactive? Check.

Engaging? Absolutely.

Dive into listening escapades, vocabulary challenges, and speaking endeavors.

Track your evolution, from syntax to diction, and revel in your growth.

And for those hungry for perfection? Record, replay, compare with the maestros, and carve out your impeccable accent.

In essence, with Headway, language learning is not just effective; it’s electrifying.

Cons of the Headway App

Every rose has its thorns, and Headway is no exception.

For the tech-savvy, here’s the catch: it’s exclusive to the Apple family. Android aficionados, we feel you.

And while the app lets you dip your toes for free initially, to dive deep, you’ll need to loosen those purse strings for a subscription.

Lastly, consistent internet is Headway’s lifeline.

Spotty connection? You might hit a few bumps.

But remember, every gem has its flaws; it’s the brilliance that counts!

Blinkist vs Headway: Two Book Summary Apps

Headway app and Blinkist both offer quality summaries of various books, making it easier for users to consume information in a shorter amount of time.

However, there are some differences between the two. Headway app offers an annual plan for $15.99, which allows users to access a wide selection of titles throughout the year.

On the other hand, Blinkist offers a premium subscription for $99.99 per year, giving users unlimited access to their entire library.

Both apps have a free account option, but with limited access to their content. If users are looking to invest less time but want a wider range of book summaries, Headway app with its yearly plan might be the better option.

However, for those who are willing to pay more for a premium membership and want more flexibility with their subscription, Blinkist’s monthly subscription might be more suitable. Ultimately, it depends on individual preferences and budget.

Who Is It For?

According to the National Library NZ more and more people are reading on-screen instead of reading books.

Book summary apps like Blinkist and Headway have become increasingly popular among busy individuals looking to learn more in less time.

Both apps offer concise summaries of non-fiction books, allowing users to gain key takeaways and knowledge without having to invest hours into reading a full book.

However, there are a few notable differences between Blinkist and Headway.

Headway’s library size gives you access to a wider range of book summaries compared to Blinkist. Additionally, Headway incorporates the concept of spaced repetition, which helps users retain information more effectively by presenting it at optimal intervals.

This feature sets Headway apart by offering an enhanced learning experience.

On the other hand, Blinkist boasts a larger user base and has been around for a longer time. So, while both apps offer valuable book summaries, it ultimately comes down to personal preference and priorities when choosing between Blinkist and Headway.


Budgets, am I right? When it comes to cost, these two play differently.

Headway has three plans:

  • Basic for $5/month: Think of it as your starter pack.
  • Plus for $12/month: Audiobooks? Yes, please!
  • Pro for $25/month: All the bells and whistles for the avid reader.

On the flip side, Blinkist keeps it simple:

  • $15/month or a cool $80/year. Every feature, no matter how long you’re in.

The choice? Well, it’s like choosing between a cafe latte and a home brew. Both are great, just depends on your taste!

Headway VS Blinkist – Selection and Library Size

Bookworms, gather ’round! When it comes to selection, it’s a tough call.

Headway? It’s like the Netflix of book summaries—over 3000 titles from self-help to history.

But Blinkist? They’re the curators of the book world, hand-picking around 4000 top-notch nonfiction titles.

Are you the type who loves to explore every nook and cranny? Headway’s your jam. But if you’re all about that quality content, Blinkist might just steal your heart.


Headway and Blinkist are two popular apps that aim to help users consume knowledge and information more efficiently.

When it comes to user experience, it’s a close match.

Headway boasts a simple, intuitive design. Looking for a no-fuss, straightforward experience? This might be your pick.

Blinkist, on the other hand, is all about that sleek, modern vibe. It’s like the Apple store of book apps.

But, there’s a catch. Some find Blinkist a tad crowded. Like trying to find your favorite book in a packed library.

So, are you Team Minimalist with Headway or Team Modern with Blinkist? The ball’s in your court!

Reasons To Choose Headway Book Summary App

Ever felt overwhelmed by that never-ending book list? Headway’s got your back!

Imagine diving into the core of best-selling books in just minutes. Sounds like a dream, right?

Well, with Headway, you can grasp the main nuggets of wisdom from popular reads without the hassle. No more FOMO on trending books!

Got a thing for smooth navigation? This app’s user-friendly vibes will make you feel right at home.

Swipe, search, save. Finding your favorite book summary has never been this breezy.

Fancy a personal touch? Tailor your reading settings from font size to ideal reading time. It’s all about you and your comfort.

More of an ears-on person? Get this: you can listen to those snappy book summaries. Multitasking has never felt so enlightening!

Craving fresh content? Stay in the loop with constant updates on new book summaries. Dive into a sea of genres, there’s something for everyone.

So, why choose Headway? Because it’s more than just an app; it’s your ticket to keeping up with the literary world, one summary at a time. Ready to hop on?

Reasons To Choose Blinkist

Ever craved a quick dive into a book but didn’t have the hours to spare? That’s where Blinkist swoops in to save the day!

Got a genre in mind? From self-help to science, business to psychology, Blinkist boasts an epic library of over 4,500 books. So, think you won’t find something you love? Think again!

Ever wished books came with a “fast forward” button? Well, dream no more! Blinkist serves up snappy summaries that you can gobble up in just 15 minutes. Who knew speed reading (or listening) could be this cool?

Worried about quality? Don’t be! Every summary is handcrafted by experts who squeeze out the juiciest bits for you. It’s like having a brainy best friend picking out the best parts!

Navigating apps can be a maze, right? But Blinkist? Smooth sailing! Its intuitive interface is a breeze, guiding you to your next favorite title.

Oh, and here’s the cherry on top: Going off-grid? Blinkist has your back with offline access. Dive into summaries wherever you roam, no internet strings attached!

In a nutshell? Blinkist isn’t just an app; it’s your fast-track ticket to a world of knowledge. Ready to expand your reading horizons?

Frequently Asked Questions: Is Headway the same as Blinkist?

1. Is Headway the same as Blinkist?

No, Headway and Blinkist are two different book summary apps.

2. Does Headway have a free trial?

Yes, Headway offers a free trial for users to test out the app and access a limited selection of book summaries.

3. Can I listen to the summaries instead of reading?

Both Blinkist and Headway provide audio versions of their book summaries, allowing users to listen instead of reading.

4. How do the summaries of Blinkist and Headway differ?

The quality of book summaries can vary between Blinkist and Headway. It’s recommended to try both apps and see which one aligns more with your preferences.