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Can You Smoke in a Dorm Room?

Can You Smoke in a dorm room? Smoking in a dorm room won’t be allowed, even if you have a medical marijuana card. If you are someone who likes to smoke, this would be disappointing.

smoking in dorm

Do not fear. We’ve discussed the best ways to get away with it below. Most of the time, this would by masking the odors coming from your room.

Use a Vaporizer

Purchase a convection vaporizer. The temperature in the pen would be controlled, so the vapor that is released wouldn’t be as pungent. An added bonus is that vape pens are discreet. You could fool your RA into thinking it’s a stationary item.

Burn Incense

Most dorms don’t let students burn incense or candles, as they can be fire hazards. If you’re allowed to use incense, purchase it.

Get an option that isn’t too strong. Otherwise, people might get suspicious about why you’re burning incense.

Essential oil diffusers can also help mask the smell. What’s more, essential oils can help you calm down. Being a college student, you’d appreciate this.

In terms of which oils to get, the following are the most calming:

  • Ylang ylang
  • Lavender
  • Orange blossom

Make Some Popcorn

An essential oil diffuser is not the cheapest, so you may be interested in other ways to hide the odors coming from your room. Why not make popcorn? A bag of popcorn in the microwave creates a strong smell.

You could burn the popcorn too. The smell would be overpowering.

Be Under the Radar

You can also try to keep a low profile. If your RA doesn’t know that you smoke, they wouldn’t regularly check up on you. Try and befriend them. Being on good terms means that they won’t have a reason to get you in trouble.

Have Proper Ventilation

Buy a pedestal fan and aim it towards you. The smoke would exit from your window. You can make this easier by smoking right next to the window.

Watch Out for Smoke Detectors

Even if you utilize the above methods, others might be able to tell what you’re up to if you keep setting your smoke detector off. Prevent it from beeping by covering it with a plastic bag.

Always remember to take the plastic bag off. If a fire breaks out, your life could be in danger. Also, your residential assistant would get suspicious if they see all the detectors in your room covered.

Have a Friend Help

Have a buddy be on watch for the RA or anyone that may be headed your way. You’ll be able to relax without worrying about getting caught. Your friend could inform you if someone is coming over through text.

Block the Space Under Your Door

The biggest culprit when it comes to odors escaping is the gap between your door and the floor. Place a damp towel between the opening. It would absorb any odors that may pass through.

We spoke about using your vape pen by the window. This usually works well, but you may get unlucky. Your window may be connected to a vent. Whatever you smoke would circulate through the building. Thankfully, no one would be able to tell what its source is.

Try Ghosting Your Hit

If you’re a newbie, ghosting your hit may seem impossible. However, practice makes perfect. You’ll be able to absorb whatever you exhale back.

The key to ghosting is to make sure you don’t burn your dry herbs.

Don’t Create a Ruckus

Keep it down when smoking so that whoever passes by won’t become suspicious about what’s happening.

Limit the number of people who will be smoking with you. The chances of a ruckus being made would be lower. Inviting less friends would also be smart, as people would get suspicious if they see a lot of students coming in and out of your room.

Find the Best Stash Spots

Let’s say you didn’t take the above precautions and your residential assistant is now inspecting your dorm. If you hide your stash well, they won’t have any evidence. The smartest thing would be to hide the stash in plain sight. No one would think about checking these spots.

Maybe you have a paneled ceiling? Take a panel down and place the goods inside. You could cut open a book and place the stash in it as well.

Just make sure that the goods are in an air-tight container so that no odors would leak out.

Find a Friend

You’re probably not the only one who enjoys cannabis around campus. Befriend someone else who likes to smoke. They could be an expert at not getting caught. You wouldn’t have to worry about taking so many precautions.

Buy a Glass Pipe Cleaner

Do you use a pipe? Purchase a glass pipe cleaner. Keeping your pipe clean incrases the airflow of the herb. You’ll be able to keep any odors and smells down.

Wait Till No One’s Around

At times, students would be back home and there won’t be many people in the dorms. This would be the best time to smoke. The few people in the building may not care about what you’re up to.

Should You Smoke in Your Dorm?

Considering how there are many ways to hide that you are smoking in your room, you may be wondering whether you should do it or not.

Getting caught could lead to your housing contract being terminated. Depending on where you live, the possession of cannabis may also be a crime.

Earlier, we discussed how covering your smoke detector would help. However, covering the detector is a serious offense. After all, a fire could break out and you’ll never know. You’ll be putting your life and everyone else’s at risk. If your RA sees the machine covered in plastic, your housing contract may get terminated.

Remember that dorm rooms are small. You’re not allowed to have candles, toasters, grills or anything with heating elements to reduce the risk of a fire. You will need fire to smoke. It would also be a fire hazard.

Another thing that might put your life in danger is burning ozium incense. Inhaling it in a small space could lead to respiratory difficulties.

I Have a Roommate

Do you have a roommate? They may have not tried cannabis before. Smoking it in front of them could influence them to try too. Ask yourself if you would want this.

If you must use your vaporizer, it’s best to use it outside your dorm. There may be some great spots around campus. Befriend others who smoke. They’ll tell you the best places to do it.

A smart idea would be to smoke in your car. You can drive somewhere secluded to limit the chances of getting caught. It would take a lot of stress off, as you wouldn’t have to worry about taking so many precautions.

You won’t be able to smoke in your dorm. However, there are many ways you can prevent yourself from getting caught. The best way is by switching to a condenser vaporizer. The odors wouldn’t be as pungent, as the pen would look like stationary. If your RA ever finds it, there is a chance that they might not figure out what it is. Buy an essential oil diffuser or make some popcorn – they’ll overpower any odors that may be escaping your room.