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Size of Dorm Beds

It is important to understand the exact size of dorm beds. This will let you know what kind of bedding to get as well as whether you will fit on your bed or not. To learn just how big these beds are, here is what you need to know: What Is the Size of College … Read moreSize of Dorm Beds

Do Dorms Have Kitchens

Are you moving into a dorm in a short while? If so, you are going to want to know what the kitchen situation is like – for starters, will your dorm even have one? To figure out what you can expect, here are the answers you are looking for: Will Your Dorm Have a Kitchen? … Read moreDo Dorms Have Kitchens

Can Parents Visit Dorms

Can Parents Visit Dorms

College is an exciting time filled with new experiences, people, and lessons. However, this time can be hard on both the new students and their parents. Some parents have been left wondering how often they can visit their children and whether or not they should. Are Parents Allowed To Visit College Dorms? Yes, parents are … Read moreCan Parents Visit Dorms

Can Non Students Visit Dorms?

Can Non Students Visit Dorms

College brings exciting times with new dorms, friends, and experiences. With all the excitement, it’s no wonder students want to invite friends and family to see their new dormitories. However, the global pandemic and other regulations might make it more challenging to host visitors. Can Non-College Students Visit Dorms? The answer will vary from university … Read moreCan Non Students Visit Dorms?

Safe for College Dorms

Safe for College Dorms

When you think of a safe, a few standard things come to mind, such as relatively wealthy people storing jewelry or passports in a secret part of their home, perhaps a gun safe for firearms, or even a massive and foreboding safe in a bank to protect many people’s wealth and treasures. A safe in … Read moreSafe for College Dorms

Can My Boyfriend Stay In My Dorm?

Can My Boyfriend Stay In My Dorm

Many students find love and romance during their college experience. This time is filled with fun, excitement, and exploration. However, some students are wondering if their significant other can stay with them in their dormitories. Is My Boyfriend Allowed to Stay In My Dorm? Each college campus will have varying rules and restrictions regarding visitors. … Read moreCan My Boyfriend Stay In My Dorm?