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Do Professors Curve Grades?

Do Professors Curve Grades?

You are a student and maybe you are struggling to keep your grades up. You now want to know if your professor can help you out by curving grades. A lot of people have no idea about grade curving and probably want to know if this is really a such thing.

Do Professors Make Grades Better?

Yes, professors can curve grades if they need to or want to. Professors curve grades all the time because they want to help their students to pass. This is something that is very common among college professors and maybe even high school teachers but definitely college professors.

What Does It Mean to Curve Grades?

To curve grades means to curve a grade up or down but usually up. The professor can make the grade better by curving the grade but if they wait until the end of the semester to curve grades they may do this by altering cutoffs rather than adjusting final averages. Overall, the final grades are adjusted for students who get really close to passing.

Curving grades basically means to make an adjustment to the grades. I guess a professor could curve a grade down in the instance that the student cheated or plagiarized an answer rather than giving an automatic 0. However, this is a very rare case and this would likely not happen.

Why Would A Student Need His Grades Curved?

A student would need his grades curved for a few reasons. The main reason a student would need his grades curved is because he failed an assignment by a few points and the professor wants him to pass so he gives him a second chance by curving his grade up. Some people say that professors can also curve grades down but I do not see why a professor would want to curve a grade down.

The grades may also need to be curved if the student was a few points away from making a perfect grade or score. No professor would really want to give a student a failing grade but they do not care too much about them scoring 1 or 2 points away from an A or a perfect A+. It really depends on the professor and how he is feeling about everything whether or not the student would need his grades curved.

The student may be a perfectionist and request that their grades be curved if they missed a grade by a few points or so but the professor may or may not be willing to curve the grade upon the student’s request.

Is Grade Curving Ethical?

Grade curving may or may not be ethical. It is probably okay for the professor to curve grades because they do it all the time. But whether it is legal or ethical is something that is not known to me.

I would imagine that it is okay and even ethical for a professor to curve grades because if it wasn’t they should get in trouble when someone finds out they have curved a grade. Grade curving may be ethical if it is done for good reason and within reason. Curving grades just because does not make sense for any professor and therefore it should only be done when absolutely necessary.

Can A Professor Get In Trouble for Curving Grades?

It is very likely that a professor can get in trouble for curving grades especially if it is unethical or illegal. I don’t know about it being either one but it is something to do your research on especially if you are a student and want the professor to curve your grades. You wouldn’t want your professor getting in trouble and losing his position or teaching license on your behalf.

Although it would not be the student’s fault, pushing a professor to curve grades can lead to him being suspended from his job or being put on leave. The teacher may even have to undergo some sort of investigation to make sure the other grades he has given were not curved.

This is not to say that this will indeed happen but it could so you want to be very careful and check the facts before you request for your professor to curve your grade. In the end, the thing to avoid all of this is to do your work in the first place. If you don’t do the work to earn the grade then you really should not be asking for your grade to be curved.

Do All Professors Curve Grades?

All professors do not curve grades and all professors are not willing to curve grades. Sometimes, or almost all the time, students deserve the grades that they get. No one else can be blamed for you getting a bad grade or even a failing grade if you didn’t do your work the way that you should have.

Most professors will give you the grade that you earned and be through with the whole thing. They aren’t going to listen to or accept any requests for grades to be curved. In fact, there are some professors who would even be offended at you trying to get them to curve your grades.

Even if the professor curves some of your grades or just one or two, you should not expect all your grades to be curved. Not all professors curve grades and this is for various reasons. They may feel that it is unfair to curve the grades of some students but not all students.It all boils down to doing the work you were assigned to do and doing the best work that you can do. Whatever grade you get you should be satisfied with it.

Do Professors Curve Grades For Students?

Yes, professors do sometimes curve grades for students. Some students are close to passing and just need a little help from the professor to get a passing grade. This is usually the final grade that needs to be curved so they can pass.