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Do Professors Have Favorite Students?

Do Professors Have Favorite Students?

You are wondering if some professors have favorite students. Maybe you have heard mixed statements about this and just want to know what is real. You aren’t sure what to believe but you are a student and want to know if your professor has favorite students.

Are Some Students Favored by Professors?

Yes, some students are favored by professors. For many reasons, professors find some students more appealing and consider them to be his favorite. It is not ethical to have favorite students but it is normal to have favorite students in class.

Are Teacher’s Pets the Favorite Students?

No, teacher’s pets are not always the favorite of students. They can be but in most circumstances they are not. In fact, a lot of teachers do not like how teacher’s pets suck up and do things that they normally wouldn’t if it weren’t for trying to be the teacher’s favorite.

It is like a girl who doesn’t like boys that come on too strong. This can be the same way with a teacher’s pet. They try so hard to be the favorite that they act and talk in ways that offend other people and sometimes they even offend the professor.

The thing about teacher’s pets is that they try too hard and the professor can easily peep this out. Most professors don’t like teacher’s pets because of this sheer fact. So teacher’s pets are not usually the teacher’s favorite students.

Why? Because professors are looking for something genuine and not staged when they are deciding which students are their favorites. And really, most professors do not just sit down and decide which students they like the most but it just kind of happens that way.

Why Would Professors Have Favorite Students?

It is kind of like a parent with their children. Parents are advised not to show favoritism to their children and yet parents have favorite children all the time. This is the same way with professors because they too should not have favorite students but they choose favorites all the time.

Even though it is not likely that the professor will just come right out and say that a student is his favorite, the way he acts or treats that student may show everyone that this is his favorite student. Teachers may have favorite students because they have a hard time with the class in general and this one particular student does what he is supposed to do and doesn’t give the professor any trouble. Obedience can easily make a student the professor’s favorite when there are a class full of unruly young adults.

That one student who does what he should without bragging about it is one that becomes the favorite out of all the other students. Unlike a teacher’s pet, the good student doesn’t announce his good behavior just to get recognition but that is obviously just the way he is and the professor appreciates it.

What Would a Professor Do For His Favorite Students?

There is a lot that a professor can’t do for his favorite students but there are some things that he can do and would do for a favorite student. One thing a professor could do for his favorite student is help them find good and high-paying jobs by giving them a reference from him. He may even research some open positions and later share them with his favorite students.

Another thing a professor may do for his favorite students is give them extra credit projects so they can get extra points. He will not want to fail them or give them a bad final grade so he will do whatever he can to help them raise their grades and do good in his class. There is a lot of things that a professor would do to help his favorite students.

He may even do things that he technically is not supposed to do for any student but because it is his favorite student he may bend the rules a little and run the risk of losing his job.

How to Know If You Are The Professor’s Favorite Student?

One way to know if you are the favorite student is by the way that the professor treats you. If he is extra nice to you and does things for you without asking you could be a favorite student. Other than that, there really is no way of telling if you’re the favorite student or not but you could definitely be your professor’s favorite student.

Do Professors Pick Favorite Students?

While it doesn’t seem very fair, yes, some professors do pick their favorite students. You have your share of professors who refuse to have favorite students but in reality they still find themselves favoring certain students. There are others who easily have favorites.