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Easiest Math Class in College

Easiest Math Class in College

If you need to take a math course but it isn’t important for your major, then you are going to want to take the easiest one. However, which course will qualify for this title?

To discover the simplest math courses that you can take in college, keep reading:

What is the Easiest Math Class to Take in College?

This all depends on the kind of math courses that you are being offered by your university – to a certain degree, the easiest course will also depend on your school – overall, though, courses like College Algebra or Algebra 1 may be the simplest option.

What are the Easiest Math Courses You Can Find in College?

While most colleges offer you similar math courses, they can vary quite a bit. This means that one course that is available at one school may not be available at another.

You should also know that just because a course at one school has the same title as another doesn’t mean that it is the same. They may cover different topics, have more or less content, or be of varying levels of difficulty.

The best way to find the easiest math course at your school is to consider the trajectory of the courses. Math classes are typically ordered according to their advanced level.

As such, some math classes are considered prerequisites – you have to complete these before moving on to another level. This would be the easier option.

For most schools, the trajectory of math courses follows this: Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Trigonometry, Geometry, Precalculus, and Calculus.

By this logic, Algebra 1, which is sometimes referred to as College Algebra is the easiest option.

At the same time, you should do a little research. This is because some colleges may have something that is known as the Discrete Math course and this is seen by many to be the easiest option.

Are the Easiest Math Classes Actually Easy?

No, just because a math class is considered simple by normal standards doesn’t mean that it will be easy for you.

It all depends on how proficient you are in mathematics and how well you did in math in high school. If you did reasonably well then, there is a chance you may fare just as well in college.

On the other hand, if math is your weak point, it is possible that you may do poorly in college unless you get some additional help. This is especially true if you do have a learning disability such as dyscalculia.

Keep in mind that the high school that you went to can also play a role in how easy you find the math. If you went to a good school, then important basics may have been covered. If not, you may lag behind other students.

Also, math classes that may be considered easy for engineering, mathematics, or science students may not be simple for everyone.

If you study art, liberal arts, or something such as this, then you are likely to find those subjects a lot more difficult to get a handle on.

How Do You Find the Easiest Math Class in College?

As you will have seen above, one option is to look for the most basic courses or the initial prerequisites.

Even then, make sure to read the course description to determine what will be taught during the semester. This will give you a better idea of the topics and will let you figure out if they are too advanced for you or not.

If possible, flip through the textbooks for that course – you can ask a student who previously took that course.

If you can understand most of what is mentioned there then it is likely that you will be able to keep up with the work. In case the topics are way beyond your understanding, you may want to look for another course.

Should You Ask Students for Their Opinions?

You would imagine that one of the more straightforward ways would be to ask your fellow students who took this course before.

To a certain degree, this can be helpful. This is largely because the difficulty of courses can vary from one university to another. So, what may be easy at one college may be an advanced level course at another.

When you speak to students, you may be able to get a better grasp of which category the math course falls into.

The only issue is that each person has their own version of difficulty. For instance, someone who is good at geometry but bad at algebra may have a different view from someone who has the opposite problem.

This is why you should always consider your own strengths and weaknesses when choosing your math class. It will make it easier to choose the best option for you.

What are the Easiest Math Courses in College?

College Algebra or Algebra 1 is considered to be the easiest math course as it is the prerequisite for nearly every other advanced form of mathematics – however, the math courses can vary from one college to another and there may be other options.