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Edgenuity Cumulative Exam

Edgenuity Cumulative Exam

Are you enrolled in the Edgenuity system and have heard about the cumulative exam? If so, you may be wondering what it is and what it entails for you.

Here, you will be able to discover all about this cumulative exam and what to expect from it:

What is the Edgenuity Cumulative Exam?

The Edgenuity cumulative exam is one that is taken at the end of every semester – the exam consists of 50 questions and will cover topics covered throughout the semester and may include topics covered in previous tests or quizzes during this period.

What Does the Edgenuity Cumulative Exam Consist Of?

The Edgenuity cumulative exam is made up of 50 questions.

The questions are likely to primarily be multiple choice questions. However, it is just as likely to find dropdown questions and multi-select questions. You may also be required to solve the question and enter numbers or text as the answer.

The questions for the cumulative exam will be randomly pulled from the lessons item bank. The exam questions may be specifically tailored to the kind of test that you are getting. Once these questions have been exhausted, you may find questions found in quizzes.

If the exam is repeated more than once, there is a chance for the same questions to appear in future exams. The answers for these exams will be in the same order provided that they are multiple-choice, dropdown, or multi-select answers.

How Long is the Edgenuity Cumulative Exam?

Overall, the exam is meant to be 180 minutes long. This is the default time limit. The teacher is allowed to change this limit, though, to better suit the student or the class.

In some instances, you may not need to take the exam at one time. This all depends on the specific setup allowed by your teacher.

However, you may be able to save the exam and then exit it so that you can take it at a later time.

Keep in mind that there is a function known as Teacher Review on the site. If your teacher uses this, they can then set a time limit for how soon you need to take your test after a teacher review is conducted.

In some cases, this may be as little as a few minutes to 15 minutes. If this function is activated, then you will need to start the exam immediately. You will also need to finish it within the time limit that has been presented to you.

What Grade Do You Need to Pass Edgenuity?

There isn’t technically a passing grade for an Edgenuity cumulative exam. Rather, you need to consider the weight of that particular exam. You can find this information next to the assignment in your command center.

The weightage of the exam as well as how well you have done so far will determine the score you will need to get to pass. Due to this, the exact score will vary from one student to another.

On average, you need to score 65 percent on the overall Edgenuity course before you are allowed to pass.

When making these calculations, it is important to understand that there are two types of grades in Edgenuity. The first is the Overall Grade and the second is the Actual Grade.

The Overall Grade is based on the grade that you have gained so far in the course. The grade is an accumulation of all the assessments and assignments that you have completed to this date.

The Actual Grade is an accumulation of the work that you have done so far but also includes a zero grade for any assignments that you haven’t completed.

The Actual Grade is the more accurate of the two options. Therefore, if you want to calculate the exact score you will need to get for your cumulative exam, then this is the grade that you should base your calculations on.

What Happens If You Fail the Cumulative Exam?

Just because you fail the cumulative exam once doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. This is because there are two re-tests available to you should you fail.

This gives you two more opportunities to pass your cumulative exam. Best of all, it is only the final grade of your passing exam that will be used for your final grade.

Now, what if you can’t pass the exam given these two tries as well? What happens then?

At this point, your teacher will decide how you will need to proceed. In some instances, they will simply let you take the test again.

Or, they may reset a previous assignment. This will give you the opportunity to review work that you have done so that you can better familiarize yourself with these past topics.

In case you have one particular weakness, then your teacher may insert a supplemental activity. This will help you to understand the main points that confused you prior to this.

In some cases, the teacher may accept the failing score. In doing so, they will allow you to pass on to the next activity. You should be aware that this score will have an impact on your final grade.

Therefore, although you may have been moved to the next section of the course, there is no guarantee that you will pass the course itself.

It is possible that a function known as Auto Progression may have been enabled for you – this can only be done by the teacher.

If this has been enabled, then the highest score that you have received from all of your efforts will be documented. Then you will be moved to the next activity.

Your teacher will not be informed of your failed attempts in this instance as there will be no alerts sent out. Once again, though, it is possible that you may end up needing to repeat the entire course as your failed score brings down your accumulated score.

Can You Retake an Exam to Improve Your Score?

What if you haven’t failed your Edgenuity cumulative exam but you aren’t exactly happy with your final score either?

If so, it is possible for you to retake the exam as long as you haven’t used up the number of retakes available to you.

In case you do have more retakes available to you, then you can take the test again. Your highest score will be recorded and added to your final grade.

Is the Edgenuity Exam Proctored?

This depends on your teacher and their plan for your class. Edgenuity cumulative exams are meant to be proctored.

They are also meant to take place during class time. However, depending on the setup, it is possible that you may need to take the exam by yourself.

In this instance, your teacher may have Teacher Review on to limit when you can take your exam so that some type of invigilator will be available during this period.

In other instances, though, your teacher may decide that this isn’t important.

What Should You Know About the Edgenuity Cumulative Exam?

This is a final exam that is set for the students at the end of the semester – it will include all topics covered during this period of time – the exam is made up of 50 questions, most of which will be multiple choice – and the exam should take 180 minutes.