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Excuses to Not Hang Out

Excuses to Not Hang Out

Not in the mood to hang out with people? Then you are going to need an appropriate excuse to get out of your plans.

Check out the most believable and efficient excuses that will help you bow out without hurting anyone’s feelings:

What are the Best Excuses to Not Hang Out?

The top excuses to use when you don’t want to hang out are as follows: you aren’t feeling well, you need to take a mental health day, there is a problem with the house, your doctor rescheduled an appointment, your parents are requesting your assistance or appearance, or you have a work emergency.

How to Use Illness as an Excuse

This is a great excuse as no one is going to force you to do anything when you aren’t feeling well. That being said, you have to keep a few things in mind when using this excuse.

For one thing, don’t wait until the last moment to break the news to them. After all, if you aren’t feeling well, it is likely that you have been sick for a few hours at least.

If you are dealing with an acquaintance or someone that you don’t know very well, then you could say that you have come down with the flu or something similar. Of course, make sure that the illness is suitable for that time of year.

If you are close friends, then it is best to say that you have a headache (or migraine) or stomach upset. This way, if you will be seeing this friend soon, it makes sense that this kind of sickness would have cleared itself up overnight.

Not to mention, if you claim the flu then a kindhearted friend may want to check on you with soup in tow.

Stomach issues are probably the top excuse to use here. This is because most people find it a rather awkward situation, they will not ask too many follow-up questions as they would not want to embarrass you.

How to Use a Mental Health Day as an Excuse

Now, you should be aware that this may not work for everyone. However, it is a good excuse when dealing with a close friend who also respects the state of your mental health.

The other perk of this excuse is that it is as close to the truth as you can get. It is a nicer way to tell your friend that you aren’t in the mood to hang out right now but will be ready when you are in a better place.

Just tell your friend that you need to take some time for yourself or have a me day. People who care about you are likely to understand.

Of course, you should also realize that there are some friends who will think that getting you out of the house is going to boost your mental state.

When dealing with people like this, it is best to think of another excuse.

How to Use a Home Problem as an Excuse

This excuse works best with people that you don’t know very well. Not only is it believable, but you don’t have to worry about them dropping in to check on the problem.

There are lots of different options that you can use here. This includes issues with water pipes, gas pipes, a clogged drain or sink, etc.

The key is to make it sound like a big deal but not a major issue. If you come up with a major problem, then there are a lot more questions to answer.

This excuse is also good to use if you need to come up with something at the last minute. As these emergencies can crop up at any time, no one is going to think twice about you calling in just before you are meant to be at a party.

How to Use a Rescheduled Appointment as an Excuse

This is such a good excuse because no one is going to suggest that you skip your doctor’s appointment!

Unless you want your friends to worry that you are sick, use something along the lines of a dermatologist, podiatrist, gastroenterologist, ENT doctor, etc. This way, you can come up with a mild issue that isn’t going to raise any suspicions.

If you are a woman, then an appointment with the gynecologist is certainly something that anyone is going to question.

You can also say that your dentist appointment was moved up. Once again, this will not raise any red flags as you can see the dentist for checkups, cleanings, etc.

Of course, make sure to give your friends a decent heads up. They aren’t going to believe that the appointment was rescheduled at the last minute.

If your friends tell you that you can meet them up afterward, you may want to say that it is a more involved appointment. For instance, you need to get a minor procedure done. Or, that you want a more thorough examination.

How to Use Your Parents as an Excuse

As you can imagine, this only really works if your parents live close by enough for you to visit them. If they don’t, you might consider this excuse for an aunt or uncle.

The great thing about using your parents as an excuse is that no one expects you to not go and help your parents. Even if you say that your parents insist on having a meal with you, you are expected to honor their wishes.

What’s more, most people won’t ask too many questions about your excuse either. This prevents you to come up with further excuses or lies.

If you are making this excuse to close friends, though, you may have to create a bit of a backstory. For instance, they are probably going to want to know what your parents require help with.

How to Use Work as an Excuse

This excuse is only like to work if you tend to have a fast-paced job that will ask you to work during your off hours or on weekends. You should also know that only acquaintances will buy such an excuse as close friends will know what your schedule is like.

Still, the upside of such an excuse is that no one can really argue with it. It is not like you can tell your boss that you refuse to do the work – you are obligated to do so!

This excuse also works well if you need to get out of a hangout on short notice. You can simply tell your friends that your boss called up out of the blue and asked you to handle the task.

As an added bonus, no one is going to ask too many questions about the task or how long it will take to complete. Instead, they will leave you to your own devices.

What Excuses Can You Use If You Don’t Want to Hang Out?

The top excuses to use to avoid hanging out with people or friends include saying that you are not feeling well, you need to take a mental health day, you have an emergency at home, your doctor rescheduled an appointment, your parents need your help, or you have a work emergency.