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Hardest Sorority To Get Into At Alabama

The Alabama University is known for its vibrant Greek life with several sororities attracting eager young women.

However everyone knows that only a few can make it into the hardest sorority to get into at Alabama.

With its hallowed halls and exclusive membership this sorority sets a high bar for aspiring members.

But what makes it so difficult to enter?

Is it the rigorous selection process the extensive connections or the demanding criteria?
Hardest Sorority To Get Into At Alabama

Hardest Sorority To Get Into At Alabama

One of the hardest sororities to get into at the University of Alabama is Chi Omega (XO). They are known for being highly selective and have strict standards for potential new members.

Another challenging sorority to join is Kappa Delta (KD) which also has a competitive recruitment process.

Easiest Sororities To Get Into At Alabama

Some of the easiest sororities to get into at the University of Alabama include Alpha Phi (AP) Delta Zeta (DZ) Kappa Alpha Theta (Theta) and Alpha Omicron Pi (AOPi). These sororities may have better odds for potential new members due to a variety of factors such as lower demand or a larger number of available spots during recruitment.

Cost Of Joining A Sorority At Alabama

Joining a sorority at the University of Alabama comes with a financial commitment. Here are some of the costs associated with joining a sorority:

  • Registration Fee for Sorority Recruitment: $375.00
  • Living In-House Fees (per semester): High: $8572.00 Average: $7355.82
  • Living Out-Of-House Fees (per semester): High: $4575.00 Average: $3696.35
  • New Member/First Year Fees (per semester): High: $4978.00 Average: $4165.59

Top Non-Collegiate Sororities [No College Required]

In addition to traditional sororities affiliated with colleges and universities there are also non-collegiate sororities that do not require college enrollment. These sororities provide a sisterhood experience outside of the academic setting.

Some of the top non-collegiate sororities include:

  • Alpha Pi (AP)
  • Delta Zeta (DZ)
  • Theta
  • Alpha Omicron Pi (AOPi)

These non-collegiate sororities offer a different experience compared to their collegiate counterparts and provide opportunities for personal growth and sisterhood.

Hardest Sorority to Get into at Alabama

Joining a sorority at the University of Alabama is a dream for many young women. The Greek life at Alabama is known for its strong sisterhood bonds social events and lifelong friendships.

However not all sororities are created equal when it comes to the recruitment process. Some sororities at Alabama are harder to get into than others and securing a bid from certain chapters can be challenging.

In this section let’s take a closer look at the hardest sororities to get into at Alabama.

Alpha Chi Omega (AXO)

Alpha Chi Omega also known as AXO is undoubtedly one of the hardest sororities to get into at the University of Alabama. Known for its strict standards and competitive recruitment process AXO attracts a large number of PNM’s each year.

The chapter looks for girls who not only meet their academic requirements but also possess qualities such as intelligence leadership and involvement on campus. With an emphasis on sisterhood and philanthropy AXO aims to create a diverse and inclusive community within their chapter.

Getting a bid from AXO can be a daunting task especially for girls who are not affiliated with existing sisters. However it’s important to remember that the recruitment process is not solely based on popularity or connections.

Each potential new member (PNM) is evaluated on an individual basis and the final decision depends on how well they are liked by the girls in AXO. Trusting the recruitment process and being true to oneself can lead to finding a sorority where one can feel comfortable and happy.

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Hardest Sorority to Get Into at Alabama


Joining a sorority can be an exciting and life-changing experience for college students. At the University of Alabama there are a variety of sororities to choose from each with its own unique qualities and characteristics.

However not all sororities are created equal when it comes to the difficulty of getting accepted. In this article we will explore the hardest sororities to get into at Alabama as well as some of the factors that contribute to their exclusivity.

Factors Affecting Sorority Acceptance

Gaining acceptance into a sorority is not solely based on a person’s desire to join. There are several factors at play that can influence the acceptance process including but not limited to:

  • Greek Rank: Greek Rank is an online platform where students can rate and discuss sororities and fraternities. While it can provide insight into the reputation of each sorority it is important to take these rankings with a grain of salt as they may not accurately reflect the true experience of being a member.
  • Personal Connections: Having connections to existing sisters can often improve one’s chances of receiving a bid. Alumni or family ties can sometimes play a role in the selection process.
  • Social Media Presence: In the age of social media sororities may take into account a potential new member’s online presence. Instagram models and influencers may have a slight advantage when it comes to impressing sorority members.
  • Looks: While it may not be openly discussed physical appearance can unfortunately play a role in sorority acceptance. Some sororities have been criticized for prioritizing looks over other qualities.
  • Academic Performance: Maintaining good grades and showing a commitment to academic success can also make a positive impression on sorority members.