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Having a Cat in College

Having a Cat in College

Cats are some of the most popular pets on the planet. They are cute, they are cuddly, they have a purr that melts the heart and they arent too hard to take care of. Whats not to love about them?

There are several pros and cons of having a cat in college. Having a cat would mean you would have a furry friend to comfort you if you feel down. However, taking care of an animal is a lot of work. You won’t have much time as a college student.

Below, are all the pros and cons of this.

Can You Have a Cat in College?

You may have plans to have a cat in college. However, you might not be allowed to. Not all schools allow students to have pets in their dorms. The very few that do only allow smaller pets, like hamsters and fish.


Below, we’ve discussed all the pros of bringing a cat to university with you.

Stress Reliever

College is stressful. You’ll likely be juggling studying for tests, doing assignments, and trying to maintain a social life. A pet cat might be a good idea, as it would provide stress relief.

Less Maintenance

If you want a pet in college but are unsure about which animal to get, know that cats are low maintenance. You wouldn’t have to walk or groom them. In fact, cats clean themselves.

Feel Like an Adult

Having a pet in college would make you feel like an adult. It would be a good experience, as you would learn how to take care of another living being.


We’ve discussed all the cons to the decision below.

An Added Expensive

Being a college student is expensive. You would barely have any money in your bank account. Taking care of a cat would be an added expense. Also, if it gets sick, you would be dealing with a very hefty vet bill.

You Won’t Have Much Time

As mentioned, life as an undergrad is stressful. You probably won’t have enough time to take care of a pet. Although cats require less maintenance than other animals, they still require attention. You would especially have little time to spend if you’re doing a tough degree.

College Dorms Are Small

Cats need adequate space to move around. College dorms are small. It is no way big enough for an animal.

Your Room Mate(s) Might be Allergic

You would be sharing your dorm room with 2-3 others. One of them could be allergic to cats. You would be forced to get rid of your pet.

Can You Pay For Damages?

As mentioned, university students are usually strapped for cash. Unfortunately, your cat may damage your room. It has sharp claws, so it could easily scratch the walls or floor. Campus housing would make you pay for the damages – will you be able to afford this?

What Will Happen After You Graduate?

Let’s say you get a cat and take care of it well while in college. However, you’re about to graduate. What would happen to it? Would you be taking it along with you? Sadly, most students give up the pets they have in university after they graduate. Unless you are certain you will be taking care of your cat even after you graduate, you shouldn’t get one.

Should You Get a Cat in College?

It’s clear that the cons outweigh the pros. You shouldn’t get a pet cat in college, as you would barely have any money to feed yourself. Most college students survive off instant noodles, so it would be hard to take care of another living creature. Moreover, you would be too busy with your degree to take care of an animal.

There is also the chance that your furry friend could damage your room. You would have to pocket the damages to campus housing yourself.

Final Thoughts

You should probably not have any sort of pet in college. Here’s why:

  • It would be expensive
  • You might not know what to do with it after you graduate
  • It would take up a lot of your time

You will be very busy with your degree. It would be hard for you to juggle studying and taking care of another living creature. What’s more, your university may not even allow you to have a pet in your room. If they do, it would most likely be a small animal like a hamster.