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How Do You Approach a Girl in College?

How Do You Approach a Girl in College?

From all the places you could go, college is one of the best to meet a girl.

Approaching a girl without some planning won’t be smart, though – you don’t want to seem like a creep. To reduce your chances of getting rejected, check out the tips below.

These are some of the best ways to approach a member of the fairer sex.

We’ve also talked about the best places to meet girls. Let’s get to it.

How Do You Approach a Girl?

Read the Room

Found a girl you like? Study her body language. If she doesn’t show any interest in you, approaching her now would result in you being shot down.

Her body language might show that’s she busy with something. If she wants to be left alone and you annoy her, you would leave a negative impression.

By analyzing her body language, you may also find that she’s interested. For example, if she has been glancing at you several times. This is the right time to approach her.

Eye Contact

Make eye contact when you’re conversing with a girl you like. It would show that you’re confident. Studies have shown that this establishes a sense of trust as well.

Approach from the side

Approaching someone from behind is not a good idea. You want to approach from the side so that they see you coming. This will make you seem less like a threat.

Be Confident

College guys are not the most confident. Exuding some confidence would help you stand out. Maintaining eye contact would help with this as well. Something else that will do the trick would be building up your confidence beforehand. Try affirmations – you’ll squash insecurities and help you feel like the best version of yourself.

Of course, how you dress would affect how you feel as well.

Be well groomed

Let’s dive into how you should dress. Most college guys wear sweatpants and don’t put much effort into how they look. Having scraggly facial hair and an even shabbier appearance would kill your chances of impressing a woman.

Always be well groomed. Try to smell good too. Who would want to talk to someone that smells like a they haven’t washed in months?

Are You Worth Talking To?

When a stranger comes up to you, the first thing you might wonder is why they’ve approached you. That’s why you should show her that you’re worth talking to. Be as friendly and open as you can.

Establish trust by asking her a general question. A great place to start is asking if there are any good places to eat in the area. If you’re already at a food spot, you can use this to your advantage. Ask her what items on the menu she would recommend.

Be playful and make jokes. Most girls like men who are humorous and can make them laugh.

Once you’ve pumped some humor into the conversation, get it going. Ask her questions about herself. You’ll be able to learn personal details which would solidify a connection.

Ignore Your Phone/Others

When conversing, show that your attention is focused on her. If your phone starts beeping, ignore it. There might also be someone else with you. Try not to get carried away by talking to others when she’s there.


Where Can You Meet Girls?

Now that you know the best ways to approach a girl, you may be wondering where you can use these tactics. There are some places that would make meeting girls easier.


Do you live in the dorms? Great. Most students in the dorms have probably never lived away from their family before. They will be looking for adventure and new experiences.

There might be several girls in the building. Socialize and introduce yourselves to them. You can make hanging out with them easier by having a killer dorm room. People would flock to it to kill time and party.


College classes can number 100 or more students. In each class you take, the students would be different. You don’t have to be a mathematician to realize that you’ll be surrounded by a lot of ladies. Just be social. This would let everyone know who you are. The probability of someone becoming interested in you would be higher too.

As you would be in the classes for a while, don’t ruin your chances by asking for a girl’s number straightaway. Wait until mid-semester. You’d have established a rapport by then.

Extracurricular Activities

Colleges offer multiple extracurricular activities. The activity or sport you’re joining could have members of the fairer sex.

If you’re going to be joining a basketball or soccer team, you’ll likely only be playing with guys. However, being an athlete would make girls want to approach you. There would be girls staying behind for whatever sports they’re playing too – you could mingle with them.


Go to your college’s gym. There’ll be girls here as well. We discussed how you can impress ladies before. The gym is one of the best places to do this. Think about it – wouldn’t lifting heavy weights impress them?

Is there a girl you’re dying to get to know? The perfect way to bond is by asking her to be your work-out partner. You can see each other multiple times a week this way.


Join a study group.  You’ll be able to use studying as an opportunity for you and everyone to hang out in your dorm. The girls in the group could get to know you much better. The cherry on top is the fact that the study group could help you get better grades.


You know what they say – college students love to party. Everyone goes to parties to have a good time and mingle, so there are bound to be girls that would love to get to know you. You don’t have to be social to be invited to these events. Most people just randomly show up, so don’t be afraid to go if there’s one near you.

Don’t forget that there would be alcohol as well. The drinks would set the mood and make it easier for you to unwind.

Coffee Shop

Just like most campuses have gyms, the vast majority would have coffee shops or restaurants as well. If you visit the coffee shop on campus, you might regularly see the same girl there. It’s destiny telling you to talk to her.

The campus coffee shop is a place everyone congregates in, so stick around like a lion at a watering hole.


College will introduce you to many new people. Use this to your advantage and socialize. You’ll be in situations that would expose you to others, and you could find someone you like.

A friend could set you up on a date as well. This would make things much easier.

College is the best place to meet girls. In each class, you’re exposed to hundreds of people. Many of the students at university are away from home and would want to have as much fun as possible. This is especially true for the kids in the dorms. But approaching someone straightaway is not a good idea. As we discussed, you should be confident, and seem like someone worth talking to. You’ll easily be able to get a conversation going this way.