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How Does Proctorio Detect Cheating?

How Does Proctorio Detect Cheating?

Do you have to use Proctorio during an online assessment and are wondering how the software works? For instance, what kind of behaviors or actions are detected?

You will be able to figure out just how Proctorio detects cheating right here:

How Does Proctorio Detect Cheating Behaviors?

The top ways that Proctorio detects cheating is by monitoring movements and the activities taking place on your desktop – in certain instances, the software may also be able to lock down various activities on your computer to keep you focused on the test.

How Does the Record Function on Proctorio Work?

Your professor can enable Proctorio to record either your video, your audio, or both.

These functions will only begin once you have passed the pre-check phase of the exam. You will need to check that both your webcam and microphone are working appropriately.

Once the exam begins, the recording will start. Once you have turned in your exam, the recording will end. The Proctorio icon will show you when the recording begins and ends.

The audio recording is meant to pick up your voice as well as ambient noise. This includes other voices or noises in the background.

The video recording is largely focused on you, although the software will require you to see a small portion of your environment to ensure that it is conducive to test-taking. This means that you may get flagged if there are textbooks or other people in the room with you.

The main features of Proctorio are facial and gaze detection. This means that the movement of your face and head is tracked. The same thing goes for your gaze or the direction in which you are looking.

Can Proctorio Record Your Screen?

Yes, this is a feature available on Proctorio. It is possible for your screen to be recorded. This means that your professor and the proctors at Proctorio will be able to see what is on your screen.

In addition to this, they will also be able to monitor and record your web traffic. These are all the websites that you visit on your computer while the exam is being conducted.

Keep in mind that Proctorio can’t see your search history and will not collect any personal information on your files before or after the exam is in session.

Can Proctorio Lockdown Your Computer?

Yes, if the professor chooses this option, it is possible for Proctorio to lock down your computer. There are several features that can be used here.

The Only One Screen feature ensures that you can only use one monitor at a time. All others will need to be disabled or unplugged before you can begin the exam.

The Full Screen feature means that you have to keep the exam tab on full screen and that you can’t access any other windows or applications while the test is in session.

The Close New Tabs and Disable New Tabs means that no other tabs apart from the one that your exam is taking on can be opened. This includes videos, course lectures, or external websites.

The professor can also choose to disable features such as printing, copy, paste, and other clipboard features.

In the case of high-priority exams, there may be re-entry prevention. This means that if you leave the exam at any point, you will not be able to come back to it in even if you haven’t completed your work. The software will consider it submitted.

This will also happen if you leave your computer or leave the exam unattended for a certain period of time. If this feature is selected, then you should be aware that bathroom breaks will not be allowed.

Are These Features Available All the Time?

These features are available on Proctorio for each and every exam. However, it is up to your teacher to enable the features. If your teacher doesn’t enable them, then the features will not function during the exam.

Your professor will most likely let you know what features will be enabled during your exam. These may vary from one exam to another.

This all depends on the kind of exam that you are taking. In certain instances, you may need access to specific online resources. In this case, there may be fewer restrictions.

What Kind of Behavior Does Proctorio Flag?

The main kind of behavior that Proctorio looks for is facial and gaze detection. This means that the proctors will be watching out for any time that your face, head, or gaze is directed away from the main screen.

Now, if you do this only for a few seconds at a time, like when checking the time, then this behavior is unlikely to be flagged. On the other hand, if your gaze or eyes look away for too long, the behavior will be flagged.

The software will also look for keystroke anomalies. For instance, if you don’t type on the keyboard for too long, this will be noted.

What Can Proctorio Not Detect?

Proctorio doesn’t have facial recognition. This means that once your ID has been verified, the software will not check if it is the same person taking the test. The same goes for voice recognition.

There is also no algorithm or keystroke monitoring with this website.

How Does Proctorio Check for Cheating?

Proctorio mainly checks for cheating by monitoring facial and gaze movements – these are the main actions flagged – at the same time, the software can disable various features and functions on your computer to keep you on one tab for the duration of the exam.