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How to Hang a Flag on a Dorm Wall?

How to Hang a Flag on a Dorm Wall?

Flags are a great way to express school spirit or simply make your dorm room feel a little bit more personalized, a little cozier. How can you do it without damaging the walls, though?

Here are some in-depth guidelines on how to manage this:

How Do You Hang a Flag on a Dorm Wall?

You first need to check if it is possible for you to hang a flag in your dorm – then, take measurements to center the flag and use a non-chipping adhesive, hook, or other attachment to fix the flag to the wall.

Can You Hang Flags on Your Dorm Wall?

The first thing that you need to do is to check if you are even allowed to hang flags in your dorm.

Most dorms will restrict wall hangings – particularly those made of fabric – as they can constitute fire hazards. If this is the case, you may be told to take your flag down by your RA.

Other dorms aren’t quite as strict. However, they may tell you that only a certain percentage of the wall can be covered by hangings or fabric.

If your flag is a small triangular one, then this will not be an issue. If you are planning on hanging something much larger, though, you may need to skip it or find a way to scale the size of the flag down.

Your student handbook will be able to tell you what you can or can’t hang on your walls. Your RA should be able to provide you with the necessary guidelines as well.

Or, you can take a risk and see if you are asked to take your flag down or not.

Where Should You Hang the Flag?

You may already have an idea of where you want to hang the flag. Make sure that it isn’t near any heating vents or similar places.

In short, don’t place your flag where it may block an outlet or be too close to a power supply. In this case, it may be considered a fire hazard. Not to mention, you don’t want to take the chance, do you?

You should also consider the significance of the flag. Do you want it to be a major statement piece or is it a more minor piece of décor?

If it is the former, then you have to choose a place where the eye will be drawn to it immediately. Otherwise, choose a spot above your bed or on one of the side walls.

Choosing Your Wall Attachment

This is the tricky part – you need to find an attachment option that will not cause holes, marks, chipping, or peeling on the dorm wall. Fortunately, there are a few different avenues to choose from.

The most popular option tends to be Command Strips. These are adhesive strips that are great for smooth walls and are known for not causing the paint to peel. Once removed, these don’t leave behind any residue either.

You can also Blu Tac. This is known for its tight grip on walls but at the same time can be removed without any hassle. It can be a little difficult to get the fabric to stick to it but don’t worry, there is a trick that will be discussed a little further down.

Finally, you have wire and clothespins. If you want to get artistic, then this is a great option. Run a wire from one end to the other and hang the flags from these using clothespins. This is a good idea for hanging more than one flag at a time.

Measuring the Placement Point

Contrary to popular belief eyeballing where you should hang your flag isn’t going to cut it. Even if you get a friend to stand behind you and tell you whether it is straight or not, you are likely to make a mistake.

This is where a measuring tape comes in. Take measurements from the ceiling to the desired hanging point. Then, make tiny marks where you want each end of the flag to go.

Or, you can decide to slap the flag on in a haphazard manner on purpose.

How to Use Command Strips

As Command Strips seem pretty self-explanatory, few people bother to read the instructions. Nevertheless, always read the instructions first.

This will show you how to use them the proper way.

To begin with, only ever use them on smooth walls. Also, clean the section of the wall that you are hanging the strip on with rubbing alcohol.

Then apply the adhesive strip and then pull the tab down. Repeat this at all the points where you want to hang the flag. Then, affix the fabric to the adhesive strips.

How to Use Blu Tac

Stick the Blu Tac in a flat, round shape. Then, place one end of the flag flat against the fabric.

Push a safety pin or regular needle through the fabric and the Blu Tac. Next, push the pin out of the other side of the putty.

Repeat for all the sides of the flag that you wish to hold up.

How to Use Wire and Clothespins

String wire from one end of the wall to the other. Secure each end with a Blu Tac or a similar adhesive.

Then, use clothespins at the appropriate points to hold the flag in place.

This is a common method of hanging up photos so you may be able to find a set at an art and crafts store.

This type of set will often look more aesthetically pleasing – and the clips are quite small too, ensuring that most of your flag can be seen properly.

How Can You Hang a Flag on a Dorm Wall?

Before you hang a flag on a dorm wall you have to make sure it is allowed in your room – you then have to choose the proper way to attach the flag to the room – after this, it is a matter of taking the measurements and then putting it up.