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How To Make Your Dorm Room Smell Good?

Wondering how to make your dorm room smell good? A dorm room can collect bad odors fast.

make room smell fresh

You’ll spend most of your time in the space, so this isn’t what you want. Some great ways to make the room smell better are discussed below. Let’s talk about them.

Essential Oil Diffuser

An essential oil diffuser won’t be cheap, but it will be worth it. Essential oils are available in all kinds of scents. Some are known to be calming. College is stressful, so you’ll appreciate this. The oils that are diffused can help you sleep better too. Chamomile, ylang-ylang and lavender are the most soothing.

Wax Melting

Scented candles are used for aromatherapy. They’re known to help people calm down. Unfortunately, you can’t have candles in your room – you could cause a fire. The next best thing would be a wax Melter. It’s a contraption that’s similar in appearance to a diffuser, but it would melt scented wax instead.

Buy a Pedestal Fan

If your dorm room is warm, you’ll sweat a lot, leaving an odor. Keep yourself cool by purchasing a pedestal fan.

Having it blow at your window could create a cross breeze. This would provide an AC-like cooling effect. Two fans are required if you’re serious about creating the cross breeze.

Scented Trash Bag

Scented trash bags are game changers. They’ll get rid of any odors that may come from your bin. A pack of bags won’t cost much, plus they’re freely available. You can get hold of them in various scents. Go for a choice that won’t be too strong.

A tip to consider is that the bags from more expensive brands would smell the best.

Get a Dehumidifier

High humidity would cause mold and fungi to grow. They’ll give off a stench. You can eliminate excess moisture in the air by buying a dehumidifier. The lack of humidity would also cause you to sweat less.

Take the Trash Out

Scented trash bags would hide the stench of the trash in your bin. But this shouldn’t be an excuse to not clean your bins. It would be unhygienic to leave dirt in there. What’s more, the trash would attract pests. There is a huge chance you’ll start seeing bugs around.

Empty the bins at least twice a week. The chore doesn’t have to be split between you and your roommate, as it’s quite easy.

Air Freshener

Car fresheners don’t just have to be placed in vehicles. Get hold of one and attach it to the vent in your AC/heater system. The air being pushed out would smell good. This is inexpensive, as you can find car fresheners in bulk for a couple of dollars.

The thing is, car fresheners can be a bit too strong. Be mindful of the choice you get.


You can’t regularly throw pillows and certain fabrics in the washer. And the ottoman in your room can’t be thrown in the washer at all. Don’t let them smell bad. Spray Febreze on them whenever you can.

Clean Your Fridge

Most dorms don’t come with fridges. They can be fire hazards. Some schools let you bring mini or micro fridges. You’ll be lucky, as you can store snacks. However, you should regularly clean your mini fridge out. The food inside could become rotten otherwise.

Create a cleaning schedule so that anything expired gets tended to. Label your food. You’ll know when anything’s going to expire, so you’d be able to eat it before it goes bad.

If you’re not a very organized person, bringing a mini fridge to college with you won’t be smart. Remember that the shared kitchen would have a fridge. It might be a better idea to just use it.

Keep Your Windows Open

An easy way to get rid of foul odors is by having your windows open. You can have your doors open to improve the ventilation as well.

Wash Dirty Clothes

If you play a lot of sports or are involved in physical activities, your clothes would be drenched in sweat. Do laundry twice a week, as the dirty clothes will begin to stink.

Just like how dirty clothes need to be cleaned, your shoes need to be washed and cleaned too. Sweaty shoes can smell worse than sweaty clothes. Also, you’ll need to clean any socks you have.

You should regularly wash your bed sheets and towels too. Body odors, dead skin cells and dust would be trapped between them. You thankfully don’t have to wash sheets and towels every week. This can be done once every 3 weeks or so.

The curtains in your room need to be washed as well. They’ll be covered in dust as they’re exposed to the outdoors whenever the window is open.

Use Dryer Sheets

You probably have dryer sheets lying around for when you have to do laundry. DIY an air freshener by placing a dryer sheet in front of a pedestal fan.

Avoid Eating in the Space

Don’t eat in your room. For one, the odors from your food would linger. You may drop crumbs all over the place. These pieces of food would go bad which would cause an unpleasant smell and attract ants.

Get Rid of Dust

Regularly cleaning your room is important, as dust would collect otherwise. Not only would your breathing be affected, but there would be a stench too. Dust is made of debris and dead skin after all.

A lot of dust would make it harder for your dehumidifier and your AC/heater to work. Their filters would be clogged.

When feather dusting, a tip would be to start from the top and work to the bottom. Dust won’t collect and go everywhere then.

Have Some Plants

There are many benefits of having plants in a space. To begin with, certain species are capable of neutralizing odors. Some plants smell really great too, so they’ll add a nice scent to the room. Plants are also natural air filters. They take in any toxins and carbon dioxide during photosynthesis to put out cleaner air.

The presence of plants in the space would also make it look more welcoming.

Spray Perfume

Instead of using diffusing oils, melting wax, and spraying air fresheners, you could spritz a perfume you like into the air. The scent you get from a perfume would be refined and fresh. Just know that it won’t last very long.

Clean the Floor

The dorm floor catches whatever is in the air. You and your roommate may have tracked in mud a couple of times as well.

A dirty floor would give off a musty smell. Cleaning it won’t be hard. You only need a mop and water.

There are many ways you could keep your dorm room smelling great. Get an essential oil diffuser. It won’t be the cheapest, but it would diffuse calming scents into the vicinity. What would also help would be a wax Melter. Be sure to keep the room in excellent condition and not eat in it as well – odors could linger. A smart idea would be to bring in some plants. They’ll neutralize any odors and make the space look better.