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How to Meet Women after College

How to Meet Women after College

Wondering how to meet women after college?  Meeting women after college is not difficult – you have your whole life ahead of you. In fact, there are several benefits of not dating while at university.

We’ve talked about this, as well as how you can meet people after graduating.

How Do I Find People to Date After College?

Many people would consider college the best time to date. After all, you’re surrounded by hundreds of girls your age. Meeting someone after college is not hard either.


Although you may be done with your degree, you may still want to continue your studies – maybe you’re planning on doing your Masters. Just like with college, there would be many women your age in these programs.

Social Media

Is there someone you like that you’ve been seeing online? If you want to get to know her, just send a message and afterwards, you can ask her out.

Dating Sites

There are plenty of dating apps and sites. You’ll be able to find one that suits your interests, as well as what you’re looking for in a partner. The algorithm would help find someone that fits the bill.

Some dating sites are better than others. Joining many of them would also help you meet more people.


Just because you left college, it doesn’t mean you won’t be partying anymore. If a friend invites you to a social event, you should go. There is a chance that there will be a girl you might like.

While on the topic of parties, weddings would also be great places to meet new people. The fact that there would be a lot of alcohol would people more social as well.

Night Classes

You might have plans to attend night classes. This could be to learn a language. There will be a lot of potential people you could date.

The Gym

When you’re lifting heavy at the gym, you can impress members of the opposite sex. If you see someone showing an interest in you, you can approach them.

Coffee Shop

People from all walks of life visit local coffee shops. The chances of meeting someone with common interests would be high. Ask them what they recommend on the menu as an ice-breaker.

The Bar

Bars are another place that young women flock to. You might not have to approach someone – they could like you and buy you a drink.


Is Dating Easier After College?

Considering how you’ll be surrounded by so many girls at college, you could think that meeting someone after graduating would be tough. But as we learned, this is not true.

There are several reasons why dating after graduating would be a smarter idea.


In college, you’re still a teenager. You won’t be as mature and neither will the girls you date. After university, you could meet more mature, sophisticated women. There would be less drama in your relationships as well.


You’ll have to juggle all kinds of classes, tests and assignments while at university. Adding dating into the mix would be a recipe for disaster.

Dating after leaving college means that the stress of studies would be gone – you’ll have more time to invest in a relationship.


Dating someone in college can be awkward. If the two of you break up, you’ll still be stuck seeing each other. You may be attending the same classes or live in the same dorm building.


University students are not wealthy, so options for dates would be very limited. You don’t have to worry about this after you graduate, as you’ll likely have a decently paying job.


People date because they’re looking for long term relationships. When you’re young, you probably don’t have anything serious in mind.

You’ll start thinking about settling down once you get older. It would be easier to meet girls who also want this as adults.

The older you get, the more you’ll learn about your wants and needs. Getting into healthy relationships would be easier, as you’ll know exactly know who you want to share a future with.

Once you become more mature, you wouldn’t find it as hard to approach girls. You might not be the most confident while at college.

Should I Wait Until After College To Date?

There are several reasons you might want to date while in university. However, most college kids just want to have fun and have nothing serious in mind. Your relationships would likely be full of drama. When you’re studying for an expensive degree, this is not what you want.

Things could also go downhill fast. You may be dating a girl from your class. Imagine how awkward things would be if the two of you ended on bad terms.

There are good reasons not to date while in college. However, this would mean you’ll be missing out. All your friends would probably be in relationships. You’ll also regret it as there won’t be many times in your life that you’ll be surrounded by as many single ladies.

And who knows? Your decision to wait to date until after college might result in you never meeting your soulmate.

What Are The Chances of Finding Love After College?

The chances of finding love after college are high. For example, you can join a dating app. You’ll be able to share your interests and what you want your ideal partner to be like. The algorithm would find someone as close to the description as possible.

University is one of the few places that you would be surrounded by so many single ladies, which is why you may think that it will be hard to find love afterwards. However, there are several places you could meet girls after you graduate.

Remember that college is just 4 years of your life. You have your whole life ahead of you. So there is a good chance that you’ll meet someone great after college.

Even if you do fall in love during college, your relationship could end after you graduate. Remember that you’re still young and things can change. By sticking to your partner, you might be limiting yourselves.

You might think about pursuing a postgraduate degree. There would be many ladies your age here as well. Everyone in the master’s program would be more mature than their undergraduate counterparts. Dating one of your postgrad classmates might not be a bad idea. As people in postgrad programs are older, they would want to settle down too. So you can easily be able to start a serious relationship.

You could also be pursuing a Phd in the future. Several of your peers would be single ladies. Maybe one of them could be the love of your life?

There are pros to cons to dating while at university. A major drawback would be that you have to juggle your love life with your studies. This might not work out well, as your studies would suffer. Another disadvantage would be that you and your partner won’t be very mature, so there would be a lot of drama. In terms of the places that you can meet girls after graduating, they would be:

  • Coffee shops
  • Gym
  • Parties
  • Weddings
  • Night classes
  • Postgrad classes

Does this mean you shouldn’t date while in college? It’s always a good idea to try it out. Who knows, maybe it could work for you?