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How to Turn Dorm Bed into Sofa?

How to Turn Dorm Bed into Sofa?

Even the largest dorms are small compared to living spaces in apartments and houses.

You’d want to utilize as much space as possible. What would help you do this would be finding multiple uses for large furniture.

This would not only let you be efficient with space, but you’d be saving more too.

Turning your bed into a couch isn’t hard. Depending on how well you set the bed up, no one would be able to tell that they’re sitting on a make-shift sofa.

Let’s talk about how you can do this.

How Do You Turn The Bed Into A Sofa?

Considering how small dorms are, you’d likely have a twin bed. They are around 38 inches wide and 75 inches long. Flipping them to the side would make it look like they’re sofas.

Here’s every step of the process that you need to follow in order to turn the bed into a sofa:

1. Remove Risers

Dorms are all about utilizing as much space as possible. You might have placed risers on your bed – you’d have more room underneath to store items.

However, the risers elevate the bed, which would not help it look like a sofa.

2. Remove Headboards & Footboards

Even with the risers gone, and the appropriate bedding placed, the bed would not look like a couch with its headboard and footboard still attached.

Detaching them is not hard. You’d have to look for the brackets that they’re attached to. You’ll need a wrench to unscrew them.

3. Flip The Bed

Turn the bed from a vertical position to a horizontal one. Once rotated, push the bed against the wall. You’ll be able to add the large buddy pillows to provide back support.

Get hold of some bolsters too. The support backs would get would be superb.

4. Place the Comforter

The comforter you’re sleeping on might be different from the one you’d be using on the couch. Spread the covering as flat and even as possible. This would amp up the appearance of the set-up being a sofa.

As mentioned, bed skirts are optional. While you place the comforter, you can place the skirt. Remember what we said about purchasing anything too frilly.

5. Create Arms

With the headboard and footboard gone, how do you get the cylinder pillows to stay put on the front and back of the bed? Hook and loop tape is your friend. You can place the tape on the ends of the bed, as well as along the ends of the pillows.

Multiple brands offer hook and loop tape. You’d want the arms to be secure – shop around for the most durable tape you can get.

You probably don’t want the tape to be on the ends of the comforter and the pillows forever. You can remove them with citrus based adhesives. Depending on how well they’re latched on, you might need something sharp too.

How Do You Choose the Bedding?

What would make the bed look and feel like a couch would be the comforter and pillows you’ve placed. Here’s how you can choose them:

Large Pillows

You can turn the bed horizontally to help it function as a sofa. When you turn it against the wall, add large pillows to act as back support.

The larger the pillows, the more space covered. You wouldn’t have to spend on multiple ones then. Buddy pillows are great options. The larger ones can stretch around 36 inches.

Take a look at any couch. You’d notice that they’re usually a solid colour, so the pillows you buy should be the same color as the comforter.

Speaking of pillows, you might want to purchase some well-stuffed cylindrical options. They can be placed on the sides to act as arm support.

Accent pillows would make the couch look more stylish. An added benefit is that they’d be something to latch onto when you’re watching horror movies!

Bed Skirts

Bed skirts are optional, especially since dorm beds are small. But they would cover the legs of the bed. Skirts come in all kinds of styles and colors. Pick one that doesn’t have that many pleats. These would make it obvious that you’re sitting on a make-shift couch.

Of course, the color of the skirt should coordinate with the comforter.


What will make the bed look the most like a couch would be an appropriate comforter. Avoid anything that is deeply quilted. Another bad option would be anything silky.

Using a silky comforter is not only a bad idea because of its appearance, but the texture of the fabric would cause the whole arrangement to slide down.

If you’re wondering what would look and work well, micro suede is ideal.

Additional Things You Can Do

All the tips given above would make the bed look like a couch. But there are little touches you can make to do the space up.

String Lights

Who doesn’t love an aesthetic dorm room? For movie night with your friends, place string lights in the vicinity. It would create an ambient environment to relax and hang out in.

The lights would take up overhead space, so you wouldn’t have to worry about the floor being cramped.


Ottomans are great for dorm rooms. They’re small but provide a comfortable space to sit on. When you’re on the couch, you can place the ottomans by your feet – you’d have foot support. If they’re large enough, they could act as mini-stands to hold items while you relax too.

Making a dorm bed into a sofa is not hard. All you need to do is place the right bedding and turn the bed horizontally. The bedding you choose would make or break its appearance, so it’s important that you do some shopping first. A comforter that is silky would not only not look right, but its surface would make the whole arrange come sliding down.

Once the couch has been created, you can place an ottoman as a resting space for your feet or a stand for your snacks.