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Is Community College Easier Than a University?

Is Community College Easier Than a University?

Are you looking at all the options available to you for higher education? If so, you may want to know if community college is a good substitute for university.

In this article, you will discover how community college compares to university and whether or not it is a suitable choice.

Is It Easier to Graduate from Community College Than University?

No, contrary to popular belief, community college will cover much of the same material as the first two years of the same university courses – of course, each community college is different so the standard of education can vary from one school to the next.

Why Is Community College Not Easier Than University?

What a lot of people don’t realize is that community college has some rather strict education standards. They are required to cover the same material as a four-year university.

The only difference is that at community college, you are only covering two years’ worth of coursework.

The reality is that a lot of four-year universities work alongside community colleges to construct their curriculum. This is because many students graduate from community college and then transfer to a traditional university.

To ensure that this is a smooth transition, universities take a great deal of care to guarantee that the necessary coursework is covered by the community colleges.

In fact, many community colleges and universities use the same textbooks for classes.

Of course, it should be noted that not all community colleges are created equal. There are some highly ranked community colleges that will naturally be par on better performing universities.

On the other hand, a low-ranked community college may not hold itself to the same standards.

Is Education at a Community College the Exact Same as One at a University?

As you can imagine, there are some differences between education at a community college and a university.

For one thing, universities tend to have more prestigious professors and lecturers. It is likely that these individuals have PhDs and are very well respected in their fields. Due to this, students will be able to benefit from their knowledge and experience.

Universities may also have better resources. As they tend to have more funding, they may have better libraries, labs, etc. This could mean that the students can do more in-depth study and research using such facilities.

As four-year schools that are also linked to graduate programs and Ph.D. opportunities, these schools have greater ties to research. This means that students can begin applying for research positions at an earlier stage.

They may also be more likely to get these due to their ties with their school.

The good news is that community colleges do appear to be making some gains. As teens and young adults are looking for ways to avoid student debt, community colleges are standing out as viable options.

Due to this, an increasing number of people are attending community college, increasing the level of funding that they get. This results in better resources.

This also ensures that a better class of professors is being ushered in, ensuring that students get access to a better education too.

Why Do People Assume Community College is Easier Than University?

So, where did this assumption that community college was so much easier than university come from?

Well, this largely has to do with the fact that there are almost no restrictions for applying for or attending community college.

You don’t need to do your SATs. It also doesn’t matter if you did poorly in high school. You simply have to do an entrance exam to determine your placement.

Depending on how you did, you may be required to take some remedial courses or may be allowed to get started with regular courses.

In university, on the other hand, you have to get a high GPA, get good SAT scores, do extracurricular activities, write an entrance essay, and more.

There is also the fact that in community college, students get a great deal more assistance. For one thing, the classes are much smaller. This means that professors have the opportunity to work one on one with students.

In addition to this, there are also tutoring resources available as well. As a result, even students who are struggling are given a much-needed boost.

In university, the workload falls squarely on your shoulders. Professors have to teach massive classes and have very little time for students. Instead, the only assistance you get is from your teacher’s assistants.

Therefore, you are more likely to fall behind in your courses, making the coursework feel more difficult.

Is Community College an Easier Option Than University?

Community college isn’t easier than university as much of the same material is covered – it is simply that community college is a two-year school and the university is a four-year institution – the low entry point and additional student attention also make community college more accessible.