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Is ResumeNerd Safe?

Is ResumeNerd Safe?

Do you need someone to help you construct a resume and have heard of ResumeNerd? If so, you may be curious about this service and what it has to offer. More specifically, you may be wondering if it is safe for you to use.

Here is what you need to know about ResumeNerd, including whether it is a safe service:

Is ResumeNerd Safe to Use?

ResumeNerd is a legitimate company but the manner in which their services are operated can often feel like a scam – they provide low-quality work, don’t adhere to customer guidelines, ignore complaints, and are not transparent about their prices, refunds, or canceling subscriptions.

Is ResumeNerd a Scam?

ResumeNerd doesn’t appear to be a traditional scam. For instance, the business does provide you with some of the services mentioned on the website.

The real issue with ResumeNerd is that it is misleading regarding its charges and subscription accounts.

For one thing, the site starts off by promising a free service. You then use a resume builder and go through the entire process of creating your resume. It is only once you are at the end of this process that you are informed that you have to pay a small fee for you to download or print the resume.

The cost is about $1.75 but the bigger problem is that this appears to trigger a monthly subscription of about $24. You are charged this amount even if you only use the service once.

Does ResumeNerd Offer Any Free Services?

No, despite the claims made by ResumeNerd, the service doesn’t appear to offer any free services at all.

The only part of the process that is free is where you have to follow the various steps for creating your resume. However, this doesn’t really count as you can’t see the fruits of your labor at the end of the process.

Remember that you may not always be informed that you will be charged a subscription fee. This is why you should think twice about creating an account with ResumeNerd.

Once you have provided them with the necessary financial information, you may automatically trigger a subscription.

Can You Cancel the ResumeNerd Subscription Immediately?

Well, this is one of the other issues associated with the ResumeNerd company.

Most people aren’t aware that they have signed up for a monthly subscription. Even if they do, however, canceling this subscription appears to be a time-consuming and drawn-out process.

Many people complain that despite repeated emails and correspondence with ResumeNerd that they are unable to cancel their subscription. As a result, they are often charged for months at a time for a service that they aren’t using.

To make matters worse, you aren’t refunded the money back either. Even if you do manage to close the account, you will not get your money back.

How Do You Delete a ResumeNerd Account?

If you already have an account, you will need to log into your account and head over to the Overview section. Once here, you will be directed to delete your account.

Before you delete your account, however, get some kind of proof that your subscription has been canceled. Deleting your account may not automatically mean that your subscription has been canceled as well.

If you don’t want to be charged for services that you are using, make sure that the cancellation has gone through. Then, delete your account and make sure that the information on the account isn’t being used or accessed by third parties.

Do You Get the Promised Services?

There is also the fact that ResumeNerd doesn’t provide high-quality services. They claim to match your resume to the field or industry that you are working in.

However, the resume still appears to be quite generic and isn’t customized at all. Many people have complained how their resumes are unnecessarily wrong and contain sections and pages that aren’t necessary.

To top it off, there have also been incidents of poorly written CVs. This is despite the fact that the company promises that you get hire quality writers who have experience in the field that you are applying for.

There have been lots of complaints that the resumes have been constructed simply using buzzwords and have been unusable by most people.

There have also been reports of the company simply handing over the resume without making the necessary edits and expecting people to make their own changes.

Are There Any Advantages to Using ResumeNerd?

There do not appear to be any advantages to using this resume service, particularly if you are applying for jobs in a competitive environment.

As of yet, there have been no reviews or reports that indicate any of the resumes created by ResumeNerd have helped anyone find a job.

There are also no positive reviews regarding ResumeNerd, in general. Instead, there appear to be only complaints about how the company is mishandling the service.

Due to this, there aren’t any advantages to using ResumeNerd. You would be better off using a better known and more capable service.

In fact, due to the fact that even a trial run can trigger a subscription fee that is difficult to cancel, it is probably best to steer clear of the service completely.

Is ResumeNerd Safe for You?

No, ResumeNerd doesn’t appear to be a safe option for you – while this service isn’t an outright scam, there are many aspects of the operation that are quite shady – not only do you not get the level of service that you were promised, you are unfairly charged too.