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Should I Bring My Gaming PC to College?

Should I Bring My Gaming PC to College?

Gaming is so popular and widespread that not only children but also adults like to play games. There are more people who prefer to play video games at college.

Reasons why college students play video games

College students do not have enough time to relax, and video games are a perfect way to escape from the problems of everyday life.

Students spend a lot of time studying and have no time to do sports, and games are a great way to relax after a hard day at school. Many students do not have a lot of money, and games are an inexpensive way to have fun.

Video games are a great way to spend free time and do something interesting instead of sitting in front of the TV.

Can I bring my gaming PC to college?

There are many pros and cons to bringing your gaming PC to college. For one, you would have a powerful computer that would make assignments easier to do. However, gaming PCs are bulky, which won’t be ideal for a small dorm room.

Below, we’ve discussed everything to consider about bringing the desktop with you. Let’s get started.

Can You Bring a Gaming PC to College?

Each university has its own rules and guidelines about what students can bring. Gaming computers can get overheated. As a result, there is a chance that your university may see your gaming PC as a heating hazard and not let you bring it.


Here are all the reasons you should bring the desktop to college with you.

Have a Powerful Computer

Gaming PCs come with a lot of memory and superb processors. Having such a powerful computer would be beneficial if you need to run demanding software for your course.

Save Money

Gaming PCs come with slots that let you swap parts out. You would be able to modify your gaming computer as much as you like.

You won’t have to buy a new PC in a few years, as you could keep upgrading yours. As a college student on a budget, you would appreciate this.

Game When You’re Free

You may own the desktop as you love to game. With a regular laptop in college, you won’t be able to play graphic extensive games that you like.

Bond With Your Room Mate

You’ll probably be sharing your dorm room with 2-3 others. You don’t need us to tell you that gaming PCs are very flashy. Your roommates would be interested in it. It would be a great icebreaker.

Also, there are probably other gamers on campus. Your computer would help you bond with them.

Take a Piece of Home with You

Are you going to college far away? You might have had your gaming PC for years. Taking it with you would be like having a part of home with you.


Here are all the reasons you should not bring the desktop with you.

Limited Space

College dorms are tiny. Ask yourself how and where you would be placing a gaming PC. A slim laptop would be a much better fit for a small college room.

Maintenance Work

Desktops require more maintenance than laptops. College life can be hectic. You probably won’t have time to clean your gaming PC’s CPU and casing regularly.

You Won’t Socialize

If you’re an avid gamer, it might be wise to leave the computer back home. When you should be out socializing, you would be in your dorm gaming. College is all about new experiences, so bringing the desktop with you would hold you back.

Also, there is a chance that others would find it weird that you brought a gaming computer to university. You might get picked on.

Focus On Your Studies

To say that university is a lot of work is an understatement. You’ll find it hard to keep up with studying, assignments, and tests if you’re going to be gaming all day. Eliminate the temptation by not bringing your gaming PC.

Lack of Ventilation

Not only are college dorms small, but they don’t have the best ventilation. Gaming PCs can create a lot of heat. Due to the inadequate ventilation, heat building up would be unbearable.


Gaming desktops are more expensive than laptops. Ask yourself how safe it would be to bring something so expensive to college with you. There is a chance that someone may break and steal parts from the PC, or if they’re bold, your PC itself.

There are many pros and cons to taking your desktop with you. In our opinion, you probably shouldn’t bring it with you. You will be very busy with college. In the free time you have, you should socialize and not spend time gaming. Moreover, college dorms are tiny. Gaming PCs are massive, so they will take up a lot of unwanted space.

However, some of the pros to bringing the computer are:

  • Ability to run advanced programs for your course
  • Have a durable computer that will last through university