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What is The Best Time to Do Homework?

What is The Best Time to Do Homework?

As children move to higher grades, the amount of homework begins to pile up. This means that most parents are tasked with trying to find just when their children should be doing homework. Such a schedule can be trickier than most people appreciate.

After all, you need to ensure that your child is in the right frame of mind to do their assignments. At the same time, it needs to be done in a timely fashion so that the work doesn’t have to be rushed. To ensure that you pick the right timing for your child, here is what you need to know:

The Most Appropriate Time

The best time for your child to do their homework would be after school and before dinner. This way, they have enough energy to get the work done without feeling tired or distracted. Kids also tend to still be in work mode, ensuring that they can power through their homework more easily.

This timing also means that you can stick to the same bedtime each and every day, preventing any delays or issues.

However, make sure to let your child rest immediately after they come home. Give them a half an hour break that allows them to disengage from their school day. You can let them wind down with a snack or a short rest. Once the homework has been taken care of, your kids have to time to play, watch television, or engage in another fun activity.

Of course, this time may not be suitable for all children and families. If this doesn’t work for you, here are some other timings that you can consider:

Before Dinner

Some kids are too tired after school or have to go to various extra-curricular activities. In this case, doing homework just after school isn’t possible. Under these circumstances, make sure that homework is done later on in the day but before dinner is on the table.

For older students, this can be a good routine for them to get into. They can begin to regulate their schedule according to their workload. And, this also gives them to start their homework at their preferred time as long as it is done by dinner.

After Dinner

Many younger children need help with their homework. And if both parents work, it can be tricky for kids to get their homework done by dinner time. If this describes your situation, the homework after dinner is the way to go.

If you do decide to go this route, it is important to stick to a tight schedule. Set aside all electronic devices and distractions and you may want to keep the dishes until later as well. Instead sit down and focus at the tasks at hand.

This is important because you have a limited amount of time before bedtime. As such, you need to make sure that your kids are done well before they need to go to sleep. This way, they won’t be all wired up when they are meant to be in bed.

If this is a timing that you need to follow, it is important to have earlier dinners. Eat too late and you run the risk of delaying bedtime as well. This means that your child will get less sleep and that you will have trouble with them in the mornings.

Before School

There are some kids who fade during the evening but jump to attention in the morning. If this describes your child, then you may want to consider doing homework in the morning. You will then be able to ensure that they get their work done in a timely manner.

Of course, you will have to wake your child up earlier, with plenty of time for them to complete their homework. In many cases, this does mean setting an earlier bedtime and sticking to it. This could mean that you have to order your child’s afternoons and evenings a little differently as well.

In the end, there is no ideal time to do homework. Rather, you will have to figure out works best for your child as well as your schedule. Thus, you will have to come up with timings that are perfectly suited to your circumstances.

In the beginning this can involve a bit of trial and error. However, don’t be afraid to try different timings to see which suits your child and family situation best of all. In the end, you will be glad that you made such an effort as it will certainly pay off.

Once you do come with a schedule, though, make sure to stick to it. Your child will find it far easier to get their homework done if you follow the same agenda every day. Not to mention, having a particular time for homework can make it seem like a less dreary task.