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When Do Students Move into Dorms?

When Do Students Move into Dorms?

Moving into a dorm can be very stressful. Make it easier by sticking to a plan and staying organized. Knowing when you’d have to move in ahead of time would help you plan things better.

We’ve answered when you’d have to move in, as well as everything that would make the move easier.

When Do You Move in?

Most universities provide specific dates for moving in. The dates make the process easier, as everyone wouldn’t be moving into the building at once.  You can try and request for a change of dates. But you’d need a good reason for this.

When would do the date be? You’d typically have to move in a week before classes start.

Helpful Tips for Moving In

Ready for your big day? The following tips would make things easier.

Read the Guidelines

The college’s housing committee might have sent you some guidelines. Go through them carefully. They would summarize all the procedures you’d need to follow on the big day.

You might not only have to be at the campus on a certain date, but have to arrive at a certain time too.

The guide would specify who to speak to as well as where you should go to register – you won’t be able to get to your room before checking in.

A lot of the time, it would specify the essentials that you’d have to bring.

Dress Appropriately

You may have decided to dress in tight clothes for the occasion. Although first impressions matter, this would not be a smart idea. You’ll be on your feet the whole day, and you’d be carrying a lot of items too. All of this would be hard to do in tight clothes.

Probably the most important thing to do is wear comfortable shoes. This will make being on your feet easier.

Make Friends

Moving in is going to be an emotional experience. It would be the first day of an important journey. This doesn’t mean that you should be emotional in your room all day. You’ll be living with everyone in the building for the foreseeable future – go around and introduce yourself. Remember that a smile goes a long way.

If you wait a while to introduce yourself, friendships and cliques may have already been formed. It’ll be harder to find a place to fit in.

Bring Someone With You

Carrying everything you’ve bought to your room can be hard – have a loved one tag along to help. Moving in would also be an emotional process, so having someone from home would be nice. Having a friend there would especially be useful when trying to set furniture up.

Meet the RA

If the RA hasn’t introduced himself to you yet, find him or her. This is the Resident Assistant, and they would coordinate all the activities in the student housing. You’d get a good idea of what they can help you with, and what would get you in trouble.

Some RAs can be very strict. Getting off on the right foot would be smart.

Don’t Bring Everything

Face it – you won’t be able to bring everything you need; there just won’t be enough space in the car. Bring the absolute essentials and have whatever you can’t carry shipped to you. Have these items shipped before you leave. They would arrive as soon as possible then.

Some items may be important, but you may not need them immediately. You could have your family send them when they’re needed, like winter clothing.

Don’t Use Cardboard Boxes

When packing everything, cardboard boxes would be the worst things to use as storage. For one, you’d have to buy the boxes and it would take time to assemble them. Make things easier for yourself by using bins or laundry baskets.

Once you move in, the baskets and bins could be used as storage space.

Rent a Storage Unit

Dorm rooms are small. You need to be smart with how you utilize the space. Although there are several important items that you’re bringing, the room might not have enough space for them.

What should you do? You can rent a storage locker near campus. There will likely be several units to rent, so look around to find something within your budget.

Examples of what you might be storing in the lockers would be recreational items – surfboards, skis and any gear you’d need for a sport.

Inspect the Space

Take pictures of any problem areas you find in your room. They might have been around for a while, but when you’re moving off-campus, you could be accused of causing the damages.

Some damages may be serious. Notify the RA about them.

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What Should You Bring With You?

The housing guidelines might have specified the essentials you’d need.  Along with these items, having the below items would be smart.

A Tool Kit

To install curtains and any furniture you might be buying, having a tool-kit on deck would be needed. You don’t need a large one.

Think about it, there are so many instances where a tool-kit would come in handy throughout the year.

First Aid Kit

A basic first aid kit instead of something fancy would be fine. At the very least, it should have disinfectant wipes/spray, bandages, over-the-counter pain medication as well as a pair of tweezers.

The chances of your roommate or neighbor having their own first-aid kit would be high, but having one of your own would help you handle the injury quicker.

Let’s summarize. The time you’re moving in depends on the college you’ll be attending. However, it would most likely be a week before classes start. You’d get a designated day, and have to check in before moving into your room. Make sure to bring someone to help you so that moving everything would be easier.

If you’re not happy with the moving in day you have been given, you might be able to change it. You’d have to fill a form and speak to the college of course.