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Why Are College Professors So Bad At Teaching?

Why Are College Professors So Bad At Teaching?

Why are college professors so bad at teaching? You might be convinced that all college professors are bad at teaching. Quite a few are after all. We’ve dived into the question. We’ve also talked about how you can do to deal with a difficult professor.

What Do You Do When Your Professor Can’t Teach?

Instead of risking failing classes, make use of the below points.

Change Classes

The easiest thing to do would be to switch classes. For very large classes, there would be multiple professors teaching the same subject.

There would be a time limit for when you’d be able to switch. If you miss the deadline, you can drop the class and take it up next semester.

Join Your Peers

If your professor is bad at teaching, you’re not the only one having problems. Get in contact with your classmates. You could organize a study group. You’ll be able to go through difficult topics, as well as check each other’s papers.

Get a Tutor

There may be a tutoring center at your university. Get a tutor. They would be able to fill in any gaps that your lecturer hasn’t explained well.

Work fast, though. No matter how good a tutor is, they won’t be able to help if there is a lot to cover.

Do Self-Reading

Professors assume that you’re reading course material when you’re not in class. Maybe the lecturer isn’t bad at teaching, but you’re just not putting as much effort as you’re supposed to?

Even if they are not the best at teaching, extensive reading would help you understand what he or she is trying to say.

Why Are Professors So Rude?

If your lecturer isn’t merely bad at teaching, he or she might just be rude. The worst lecturers are a combination of the two. Below we have tried to explain why they may be like this.


Some lecturers are strict on purpose. It’s common for students to take advantage of kind teachers. By not tolerating any nonsense, it would be harder for you to mess with them.

College classes can be huge. The chances of students annoying the professor would be higher.

They Are Shielding Themselves

Let’s expand on the above point. Your professor might have had a negative experience with a student before. He now treats students coldly, as he’s trying to prevent the same situation from arising.

Old Age

Universities are highly academic environments. They have some of the leading experts in fields teaching students. Many of them have been there for a long time. Due to their age, you might think that they’re nasty. They may not tolerate things that a younger teacher would.

Power and Authority

Although it’s hard to admit, some professors are strict because they want to be. They’re figures of authority. They decide whether you pass the class or not.

If your professor teaches well, the school would find it hard to take action on a difficult teacher.

Sadly, his position could go to his head.  It doesn’t help if he’s someone who has anger issues.


College classes are huge. It would be stressful for the lecturer to handle so many students, especially if he’s teaching other classes. The stress would result in him snapping.

Don’t forget that he has a life of his own too. Personal problems on top of the stress could be what’s causing him to be so rude.

Bad Students

You’re supposed to spend 2-3 hours outside of class preparing for the lesson ahead. Unfortunately, your batch may be full of bad students. Maybe no one is prepared for lessons, so your professor gets angry and is rude.

How Do You Deal With Difficult College Professors?

Determined to get on your professor’s good side? There are a few things you could do.

Be a Great Student

The most a professor would want would be his students doing well. Slacking off would make him upset. Do well in your studies and participate in class. This would make your lecturer want to respect you.

You can show him that you’re committed by utilizing his office hours. Go in with well thought out questions. You’d show that you’re interested in the class’ materials.

If you regularly show up, meeting with you would become a habit. He would open up to you.

Speak to Your Advisor

Schedule an appointment with your academic advisor. He’ll tell you exactly what to do if you’re struggling with a difficult lecturer. Not only could you get advice on what to do, but the advisor might know your professor personally. He’d give you insight on why he is so tough.

Be Patient

You’re finding the professor so difficult as classes may have just started. As the semester progresses, he would ease up. More importantly, you’ll ease into things – you wouldn’t find him as bad. .


Switch Classes

The last thing to do would be to switch classes. We mentioned how you can do this. If you’ve passed the deadline, you might have to drop the class. Your advisor would help with this.

Do College Professors Get Paid More than Teachers?

University is a more serious academic environment than high school. It shouldn’t surprise you that the lecturers get paid well. They make around $20,000 more than their high-school counterparts a year.

Some of the best academics in their field are recruited to teach at universities. Due to their expertise, they can negotiate huge salaries.

The tougher the class is, the more a lecturer would get paid too.

Quite a few lecturers at university are bad at teaching. The easiest thing to do would be to switch classes. You could also drop it and take it the next semester instead. Unfortunately, your professor might be bad at teaching and nasty too. To deal with a rude teacher, the best thing to do would be to get to try and know him. Utilize his office-hours. He would open up to you. Most of the time, professors are rude because of their:

  • Authority
  • Age
  • Experience