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Why College Sucks

Why College Sucks

College students are of different ages, different levels of social maturity, different goals and different levels of motivation, which makes it difficult to get along with each other.

While students in college, they have to deal with peer pressure, and competition with others. Some students want to do this, while some just want to relax and do not want to be in the battle.

7 Reasons Why College Sucks

Wondering why college sucks? One of the reasons college sucks is because of how expensive it is. You’ll likely go into debt.

Below, we’ve discussed all the reasons university sucks and more.

1. It’s A Totally Different Environment

A high school curriculum is very different to a college one. Even if you did very well in high school, you could still find college hard. Moreover, university professors don’t offer as much guidance as their high school counterparts. This can be hard to get accustomed to.

2. It’s Stressful

To say that college is stressful is an understatement. You would be bombarded with a lot of work. It doesn’t help that as your course progresses, your study material would become harder.

Also, you may be studying on a scholarship. You would have to meet a specific GPA if you don’t want your funding to be revoked. If the grade-point average is especially high, you would constantly be stressed.

3. You’ll Have Little Money

Getting a degree is expensive. No one hears about college students living lavishly. Most of the time, they barely have any cash in their bank account.

At first, you might be fine with the humble way of living. However, you’ll quickly get fed up of it.

Here’s a tip: The best way to save cash would be to live off-campus. You probably won’t be able to do this for your first year, as most schools make it mandatory that students live in campus housing during this period. Leave in your second year and find a small apartment nearby. Getting roommates would help cut costs even more.

4. You’ll Be in Debt

You’ll probably be taking education loans to pay for university. Unfortunately, these loans have massive interest rates. You would likely be in debt for years after you graduate.

5. You Might Have Annoying Roommates

You would be sharing your dorm room with 2-3 others. There is a chance that you could get annoying roommates.

Even if your room mates are great, you may not be used to sharing a room with 2-3 others. It would especially be hard to do this if your dorm is not in the best condition. It could have horrible ventilation and wreak of mildew.

6. There Won’t Be Any Free Time

Before college, you might have had a lot of free time to go out and focus on your hobbies. Sorry to say this, but once you’re in university, you won’t have time for anything. Focusing on your degree would be all you’d be doing.

Is your school far away from your family? Since you’d be so busy focusing on your degree, you’d not be able to go back home often.

As college is so hectic, it’s not uncommon for college students to skip classes just to get assignments done.

Should You Go to College?

Although there are many reasons to not go to college, we believe the pros outweigh the cons. For one, most jobs require an undergraduate degree. Even if the field that you’re interested in doesn’t require a college education, an employer would pay more for someone who has their bachelors compared to someone who does not.

Also, college is all about new experiences. You would meet new people and create memories that you will never forget. Ask yourself if you want to miss out on this.

Even if you feel like getting a degree is not worth it right now, you might not think so in a couple of years. Starting a degree when you’re older is more difficult than starting it when you’re straight out of high school.

There are several problems you’ll face in university. They are:

  • A high-pressure environment
  • Annoying room-mates
  • Lack of money
  • Virtually no free time

You’ll likely have to take out student loans to pay for your tuition fees. This could leave you in debt for years after you graduate. You can try to cut costs by living off campus, though.

Degrees are also very stressful. You would be spending most of your time studying when you could be doing other things. What’s worse is that you could be studying in a school that’s far away. As you’ll be so busy, you’ll have very little time to go back home.